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It Depends on Your Plan

Please note, you can only connect Greenhouse with Apollo if you are on a basic, professional, or custom plan. Users on a free plan do not have access to the Greenhouse integration. Users on a basic plan only have access to pull settings. Want to upgrade to activate the full functionality of the integration? Refer to our pricing page for further information or contact a member of our Apollo Sales Team to discuss your options.

If you are a recruiter that uses Greenhouse to track and manage candidate workflows from end-to-end, you can integrate your Apollo instance with your Greenhouse account.

The benefits of this integration include:

  • Unified Candidate Data: Find and save your ideal candidates, then push Apollo contacts directly into Greenhouse
  • Efficient Engagement: Deploy your Greenhouse candidates into your Apollo sequences
  • Streamlined Workflow: Remove unnecessary steps when you work between Apollo and Greenhouse
  • Automatic Synchronization: Contacts you push to and pull from Apollo will automatically sync in Greenhouse

Refer to the sections below for the steps to connect Apollo to Greenhouse, configure your integration settings, view your contact sync history, and disconnect Greenhouse from Apollo.

Admin Only

With great power comes great responsibility. You can only make changes to Greenhouse settings in Apollo if you are an admin or a user with permission to edit the CRM/ATS integration settings. Please refer to the Create Permission Profiles article for more information about permission settings.

To connect and disconnect Apollo with your Greenhouse account, you must be an admin in both Apollo and Greenhouse. If you are not an admin, please ask an admin to follow the steps in this article.

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Connect Apollo to Greenhouse

Launch Apollo, and click the Integrations icon.

Integrations in Apollo settings

Is This the Only Way?

We're all about making your workflow as dreamy as your dream candidates! If you are already on a contact's profile page, click the CRM/ATS drop-down and then click Connect Greenhouse. ATS drop-down button on a contact's profile page in Apollo Apollo directs you straight to the integrations page. Then, follow the instructions below to continue with the connection process.

Scroll to Greenhouse and click Connect.

Greenhouse connect button on integrations page

One at a Time, Folks!

Please note, you can only connect 1 ATS or CRM to Apollo at a time. For example, if you connect your Salesforce account to Apollo, you cannot connect your Greenhouse account. It's not because we're stingy. It's because we care about your data. Our integrations are bi-directional. This means that if you connect more than one CRM or ATS at once, you could get caught in an infinite data loop between the 3 platforms. And that's not fun for anyone.

Click Connect integration.

Connect integration on the Greenhouse settings page

Read the details and then click Continue in the Greenhouse authentication modal.

Continue button in Greenhouse authentication modal

Permission to Please

Please note, we treat your permission with the utmost care and respect! When you grant Apollo access, you can easily sync data between Apollo and Greenhouse, automatically push and pull records, and streamline how you find and connect with candidates. Apollo only requests the necessary permissions that Greenhouse requires so that you can gain full functionality of the integration.

Enter your Greenhouse API key and then click Submit.

Submit button in Greenhouse authentication modal

Lost your key?

Can't find that safe place you hid your key because it's Just. Too. Safe? We're not judging—we've all been there! Hop on into the Generate an API Key for Greenhouse Recruiting article for the steps to create a new API key.

Click Continue.

Continue button in Greenhouse authentication modal

Then, click Finish setup.

Finish setup button in Greenhouse authentication modal

You have now connected your Greenhouse account with your Apollo instance.

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Configure Greenhouse Settings

Now that you have connected Greenhouse with Apollo, there are 3 important settings to keep in mind:

  • Add Your Greenhouse Subdomain
  • Push Contacts to Greenhouse
  • Pull Contacts from Greenhouse

Add Your Greenhouse Subdomain

To ensure the candidate info in Greenhouse syncs correctly with your contacts in Apollo, you must add your Greenhouse subdomain.

Log into your Greenhouse account and copy the app URL from the search bar.

Greenhouse URL

Launch Apollo, click the Integrations icon, and then click View in the Greenhouse section.

Integrations page in Apollo settings

Scroll to the Greenhouse subdomain section and paste the Greenhouse URL you copied into the Greenhouse subdomain bar. Then, click Save.

Greenhouse subdomain field in Greenhouse integration settings

Apollo can now successfully link your synced contacts in Apollo with your synced candidates in Greenhouse.

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Push Contacts to Greenhouse

Launch Apollo, click the Integrations icon, and then click View in the Greenhouse section.

Integrations page in Apollo settings

Click the Push contacts toggle to automatically push into Greenhouse any new contacts you save in Apollo.

Push contacts toggle in Apollo integrations settings

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Please note, Apollo automatically conducts an initial pull when you first connect Greenhouse. You can only enable the automatic push toggle once the initial pull finishes.

When you enable automatic pushing, any time you add or delete a contact's information in Apollo, the change automatically updates in Greenhouse. For more details on how to edit data in Apollo, refer to the Edit Profile Data section of the Contact Profile Overview article.

Refreshment Time!

Already have Greenhouse open in another tab? Please note, if you add or delete the contact details in Apollo of a candidate you are already viewing in Greenhouse, remember to refresh the page in Greenhouse to view the latest updates.

If you do not want to activate automatic pushing, do not enable the Push contacts toggle. In this case, you need to manually push the records you save one at a time or in bulk.

To manually push all your Apollo contacts to your Greenhouse account, click Push all Apollo contacts to Greenhouse.

Push all Apollo contacts to Greenhouse button in the push settings

If you only want to push a select number of contacts, launch Apollo, click Search, and then click People.

People tab on the Search page in Apollo

Apply filters to narrow your search. Then, click the checkboxes on the left of the contacts you want to add to Greenhouse. Click the Greenhouse drop-down and then click Push to Greenhouse.

People search in Apollo

Spoilt for Choice!

You can also manually push a contact to Greenhouse from their profile page in Apollo. Click the More drop-down under the contact's name card and then click Push to Greenhouse. More drop-down on the contact profile page in Apollo

You have successfully pushed the contact(s) to your Greenhouse account.

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Pull Contacts from Greenhouse

You do not need to take action to activate pull settings in Apollo. When you integrate the two platforms, Apollo automatically initiates the first pull. Then, Apollo pulls any subsequent Greenhouse updates you make into your Apollo instance within 2 hours of an update.

What's Taking So Long?

Noticed a slight delay? It can take up to 24 hours to update a record in Apollo when you delete it in Greenhouse. So bear with us—we're on the case! Apollo completes all other pull jobs within 2 hours.

If time is of the essence and you want to ensure an update in Greenhouse reflects in Apollo without delay, you can initiate a manual pull.

Launch Apollo, click the Integrations icon, and then click View in the Greenhouse section.

Integrations page in Apollo settings

Click Pull all Greenhouse contacts into Apollo.

Pull all Greenhouse contacts in Apollo button in Apollo settings

Click Pull now to confirm the request. Apollo then pulls all updates to your records in Greenhouse into Apollo.

Pull now button in settings modal

You have successfully pulled all the information on your Greenhouse candidates into Apollo.

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View Greenhouse Sync History

Launch Apollo and navigate to a contact's profile page to view their sync history.

Lost Your Way?

Need a helping hand to get where you want to go? Follow the instructions in the Access Contact Profiles section of the "Contact Profile Overview" article for the steps to take to get to the right spot.

Click the More drop-down and then click CRM sync history.

CRM sync history option on contact's profile page

Apollo displays all your sync history for the contact.

CRM sync history modal on contact's profile page

You can also go straight to the contact's profile in Greenhouse. Click the Greenhouse icon. Apollo then redirects you to the right candidate in Greenhouse.

Greenhouse icon on contact's profile page in Apollo

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Disconnect Greenhouse from Apollo

To disconnect the two platforms, launch Apollo, click the Integrations icon, and then click View in the Greenhouse section.

Integrations page in Apollo settings

Click Disconnect integration.

Disconnect integration button in settings

Then, click Disconnect in the warning modal that appears.

Disconnect button in warning modal

You have successfully disconnected your Greenhouse account from Apollo.


Made a mistake and need to reconnect? Fear not, young padawan. Reconnect at any time you can! Follow the steps in the "Connect Apollo to Greenhouse" section above.

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