Release Notes: March 15, 2023-March 29, 2023

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Product Updates

Keen to hear what our wise old developers have been working on this sprint? Here's a sneak peek at the latest updates:

Meetings Cancellation Improvements

Canceling your meetings just got a whole lot easier.

Cancel link in calendar invitation

Who's it for?

  • You have set up meetings in Apollo to remain in control of your schedule and empower your prospects to proactively book time on your calendar.
  • You are on a free, basic, professional, or custom plan—that's right folks—this one's for everyone!
  • All meeting guests that book time on your calendar
  • You are a Sales Development Representative or Account Executive who loves filling your calendar with the right types of meetings

What's it do?

Now, you and your guests can cancel a meeting directly from the calendar meeting invitation.

Example use-cases

  • Ensure your canceled meetings reflect across all applications for all meeting participants
  • Empower guests to manage the scheduling process from end-to-end with improved ease
  • Reduce cancellation confusion and streamline the cancellation process for you and your guests

Where to begin?

You don't need to take any action or configure any settings—the cancellation link appears automatically in the calendar invite like magic when you or your guests book a meeting.

If you or your meeting participants click the link, Apollo redirects you to a Cancel Meeting page. Add a reason for canceling and then click Confirm.

Cancel meeting page

You can also cancel a meeting from within Apollo.

Launch Apollo, click Engage, and then click Meetings.

Meetings page in Apollo

Click the Scheduled Meetings tab and then click View details next to the meeting you want to cancel.

View details button on scheduled meetings tab

Click Cancel meeting.

Cancel meeting button in Meeting details modal

Type a reason into the Cancel meeting text box and then click Confirm.

Cancel meeting modal

You have now canceled a meeting from within Apollo.

Canceled meeting example in Apollo

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Increased Meeting Personalization

Add your company logo for all your guests to see.

Logo example in meeting scheduler

Who's it for?

  • You leverage Apollo meetings to streamline your meeting scheduling workflow, encourage proactive engagement, and reduce the risk of no-shows
  • You are on any Apollo plan, be it free, basic, professional, or custom
  • You are a Sales Development Representative or Account Executive who wants to add a personal touch to your scheduling workflow

What's it do?

Customize your meeting scheduler so that your guests always remember which company you work for when they book time on your calendar.

Example Use-cases

  • Upload your logo to personalize the booking process for guests
  • Represent your company at a key stage of the sales cycle
  • Subtly remind your guests that you mean business when they book time with you!

Where to begin?

It's as easy as pie to customize your meeting scheduler. Launch Apollo, click Engage, and then click Meetings.

Meetings page in Engage section

Click the Settings tab. Then, scroll to Custom branding and click Upload logo.

Upload logo button in settings tab

Search for the file you want to upload and click Open.

Open button

Crop the image if needed and then click Save logo.

Save logo button

You have now customized your meeting scheduler.

Logo on Meetings settings page

This means that Apollo displays your logo when guests go to book time on your calendar.

Example logo in meeting scheduler

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Bug Fixes

Developers by day, pest control by night. Here are the latest bugs we've squashed:

  • Asked the meddlesome "From: 1 minute ago" filter that was sabotaging the renewal play template to kindly go away.
  • The filters preview modal got the hint when we played it a little Aretha Franklin. Now, it respects our orders and only displays the right filters depending on the target type of the play.
  • "Recommended score" fields in Apollo were left out of batch push requests with more than 100 records. We invited them to the largest Salesforce push batch parties, which max out at 1,000 records. And voila, we wiped away their blues.
  • Calmed the flapping feature flag preventing some teams from manually pushing all records to their CRM.

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New/Updated Documentation

We've been hard at work at our typewriters and stone tablets to bring you knowledge. Feast your eyes on these righteous revisions:

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From Our Website

In the mood for a few wise words of Sales and Marketing wisdom? Here's what we've been cooking up:

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