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Filters enable you to include or exclude specific subsets of data when you search for new contacts or accounts in Apollo. This helps you to better segment and personalize your team's approach so you can find and engage with the right contacts at the right time.

You can access many types of filters in Apollo. Conversation filters narrow your searches based on whether contacts have been present for conversations recorded by Apollo and the keywords highlighted as part of those recordings.

Check Your Apollo Plan

The availability of certain search filters is based on your Apollo plan. Please refer to Apollo's pricing page for more information.

The following sections detail how to access and use conversation filters.

Access Conversation Filters

To find and use conversation filters:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Search > People. Conversation filters are only available when searching contacts.
  2. To access all of the search filters, click More Filters. View all search filters.
  3. Open the Type drop-down, then keep only the Conversation option active. Apply Filters
  4. Apply the company info filters you want to use for the search. Then, click Apply Filters to save the changes. Save your changes.

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Conversation Recording

Filter your search by whether contacts were involved in your conversations that were recorded by Apollo.

To do so, expand the Conversation Recording accordion.

Conversation Recording Filter

Click the Part of any conversation drop-down. Then, select yes to find contacts that are present on recorded conversations or select no to find contacts that are not included in any conversation recordings.

Filter by conversation recordings.

To find contacts that were present for a certain number of recorded conversations, entner a minimum amount of conversation recordings in the Present at least _ times field.

Minimum conversation recordings.

To find contacts based on when they were last present for a recorded conversation, click the From and To fields, then use the calendar to select a date range.

When conversation recordings happened.

To remove the filter from your search, click the X.

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Conversation Tracker Keywords

Filter your search to find contacts based on mentions of tracked keywords in conversations recorded by Apollo. Trackers are sets of keywords that Apollo detects in your recordings to help you identify and surface the most important parts of each call.

To do so, expand the Conversation Tracker Keywords accordion.

Conversation Tracker Keywords Filters

Use the Include keywords option to search for conversation recordings that include any of the keywords you add. Type a keyword in the search bar, then press Enter to add it to your search. You can add multiple keywords.

Apply Filters

Use the Include ALL keywords option to search for conversation recordings that include all of the keywords that you add. Use the Exclude keywords option exclude keywords from your search.

To remove the filter from your search, click the X.

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Use More Search Filters

For more information about the types of filters available in Apollo, refer to Search Filters Overview.

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