Supported Email Service Providers (ESPs)

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Eric Zrinsky

Apollo's mailbox functionality works best with Gmail, but supports a variety of other providers with the aid of a third-party provider, Nylas Mail. Currently, Nylas Mail supports:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo!
  • Custom email accounts/servers
POP/POP3 Mailboxes Are Not Supported

Nylas Mail, Apollo's third-party provider for non-Gmail email syncs, does not support connecting to mailbox accounts via POP/POP3. The vast majority of mail providers who support POP3 also support the IMAP standard and can connect to Apollo that way. Nylas Mail also supports the SMTP standard.

Nylas does not currently support Titan email servers or large transactional sending services like Mandrill or Amazon SES. For that reason, Apollo cannot support linking to those services through Nylas.

High-Volume Emails

If you need to send larger-volume emails than Apollo's recommended safe sending limits, you should integrate your linked mailbox, whether it is Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo!, or a custom email account, with Sendgrid. Click here for instructions.

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