Display People With Verified Emails

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Eric Zrinsky


You may not want to potentially endanger your domain or send score, or worse, have your domain spam-blocked. For this reason, there may be instances where you need to show search results for people for which Apollo has a verified email. To do this, you can add an Email Status filter to your search.

Staying Safe!

Worried about getting SPAM-blocked? For more information about ways to protect your domain reputation, refer to the Avoid SPAM Filters article and the Email Verification: A Brief Introduction article.

Follow the steps below to apply the Email Status filter to your search results and only display contacts with verified emails.

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Apply an "Email Status" Filter

Launch Apollo and click Search in the navbar. Then, click People.

People Search

Click the Email Status accordion in the Filters pane.

Show More Filters

Click the checkbox next to Verified.

Verified Filter

Apollo displays the results on the right for the net new and saved contacts with verified emails.

Apply Filters

It's Business Time!

Please note, this filter is currently only available when you set your primary email to "business." If your primary email is "personal," you cannot filter by email status. If you want to leverage the "verified" email status filter when you prospect in Apollo, consider changing your primary email back to "business." For more information about how to do so, please refer to the "Change Your Primary Email Type" section of the "Prospect with Personal and Business Emails" article.

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