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While Apollo has a dedicated Technical Support team to help customers with their technical questions, understanding how to use the Apollo Knowledge Base for self-service support is beneficial before you open a ticket.

The Knowledge Base is a great resource, especially if you need basic troubleshooting or instruction on how to use a specific feature or Apollo capability. The Knowledge Base is designed to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly and to save you time.

Refer to the sections below for descriptions of the sections in the Knowledge Base, how to use the search functionality, and how to navigate.

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The Apollo Knowledge Base Layout

More than likely, the answer to your question is already in the Apollo Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base contains articles and how-to guides, divided into categories:

  • Get Started
    • Learn how to set up your account and configure the basic settings required to use the platform. New users should start here to familiarize themselves with the Apollo platform.
  • Use Cases
    • Explore learning paths that provide real-world solutions to real-world problems using the platform.
  • Platform Docs
    • One-stop-shop for all articles about the features and functionality available in the platform and how to use them. This section provides more in-depth information about's features.
  • Integrations
    • Learn how to integrate with various third-party platforms and tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zapier.
  • Troubleshooting/FAQs
    • Learn how to troubleshoot various issues in the platform and some of the frequently asked questions received by the Technical Support team. Check this section to see if your question already has an answer.
  • Release Notes
    • Learn about new upgrades, improvements, and bug fixes in the platform.

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The Apollo Knowledge Base Search Bar

The search bar on the Apollo Knowledge Base homepage provides you with a way to find articles using keywords. In addition to article titles, the results show you where in the knowledge base the article is. This makes it easy to find related articles in the future.

Search Bar

If the results you expect are not in the preview, hit Return on your keyboard to load a full list of results.

Full Results

You can narrow your search to a particular category on the Knowledge Base by clicking on the links in By Category.

Narrow Search

Articles on the Knowledge Base use tags related to the structure of the platform.

Nav Structure

That means you can use keywords like Home, Search, Engage, Enrich, Opportunities, and Settings to find articles specifically related to that part of the platform. In addition, each article is tagged with the specific feature name it's related to so you can search using terms like Sequences, CRM, CSV, and more.

CSV Search

Finally, you can also use one of the following modifiers on your search to show more target types of articles:

  • How-to: Articles that explain a process or teach you how to use a specific feature
  • Procedure: Similar results to how-to, this will return articles that explain a process or teach you how to use a specific feature.
  • Overview: Articles that provide contextual information about a feature or function in the platform

    Overview Articles

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Knowledge Base Navigation

Navigation in the knowledge base starts with the category of the article. For example, you can click Get Started to view the articles for the initial setup for Apollo.

Get Started Section

Within an article, click Articles In This Section to display the available articles in the current section. Click Articles In This Section again to close the accordion.

Article In This Section

Use the Previous Article and Next Article links at the top and bottom of each article page to navigate to earlier or later articles in the flow.

Previous and Next

Finally, all articles contain a Table of Contents that moves up and down the page with you as you scroll. Click the links in the Table of Contents to navigate to the various sections contained in the article.

Table of Contents

You can now expand images in any article on the Knowledge Base by clicking them. Click outside of the image modal to close it and return to the article.

Image Modal

What if I'm still stuck?

If you can't find the answer to your question on the Apollo Knowledge Base, the Apollo Technical Support team is available to help you at almost every time of the day.

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