Archive Sequences

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Matthew Charles


Instead of deletion, you can archive unused sequences in Apollo. This feature lets you clean up the sequence list page without deleting content that you may want to reference later.

See the sections below for details about how to archive and unarchive Apollo sequences.

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Archive One Sequence

From your sequence list, choose the Sequence you want to Archive.

Sequence Choice

Click the additional options button (...) and then click Archive.


In the "Confirm Archive" modal, click Archive.


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Archive Multiple Sequences

To archive more than 1 sequence at the same time, click the check boxes next to each sequences that you want to archive.

Check boxes

After you make your selections, click Archive.

Archive Multiple

In the "Confirm Archive" modal, click Archive.

Archiving Message

Please note, the modal will tell you how many sequences Apollo will archive.

Archive Multiple Modal

Click Close.


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Unarchive Sequences

You may accidentally archive a sequence. To unarchive a sequence, browse to the sequence list page and open the Status accordion.


Click the drop-down and then click Archived.

Archived Drop-down

Click the additional options button (...) next to an archived sequence and then click Unarchive.


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