Which Apollo record owner is assigned to a contact or account in Salesforce?

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Eric Zrinsky


When you create a contact or account in Apollo, the system considers you, the user logged in to Apollo, as the owner of the record. This is slightly different from what occurs when Apollo synchronizes records (which may include contact or account creation, emails, tasks, and calls) to Salesforce. In this instance, Apollo uses your personal Salesforce credentials (if they have been authenticated), the Salesforce account used as the Team Sync credentials, or the credentials from the authenticated user with the most permissions.

Refer to the sections below for an explanation of how record ownership works.

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Personal Salesforce Login Connected

Generally speaking, when you have your personal Salesforce credentials linked to your Apollo account, the system will always use your user-specific account to sync contact and account ownership and the activity logs for emails, tasks, and calls to Salesforce.

Authenticated User

There are specific cases when Apollo assigns a different record creator when you sync to Salesforce. Depending on how the contacts are created in Apollo, Apollo determines which user account is updated as Created By in Salesforce.

Personal Salesforce Account Team Sync Credentials
Contacts/Accounts manually created in Apollo Contacts created from Apollo's Chrome extension in LinkedIn
Contacts/Accounts created from a CSV upload Contacts/Accounts created from Apollo's Search
Contacts created from Apollo's Chrome Extension in Gmail Contacts created from Apollo's Job Change trigger

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Team Sync Credentials Connected, but not a Personal Salesforce Account

When you link Salesforce to Apollo using a specific user for the Team Sync integration, but you have not authenticated your own credentials in your user profile, any contacts that you create will have your user assigned as the owner on Apollo. However, when you sync that data to Salesforce, the record creator assigned will be the user connected on the Team Sync configuration or the Salesforce account user with most permissions.

Team Sync

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