Release Notes: November 22,2021-December 3,2021

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Eric Zrinsky
  • Updated Labs

New Features/Product Updates

  • We didn't release any new features this cycle, but fear not! Cool stuff is on the way. In the meantime, enjoy some of our classic features—vintage is cool.

Bug Fixes

  • Canceled all mandatory office birthday celebrations and squashed a bug that prevented you from selecting Search filters if you didn’t complete the Product Tour
  • Remember that broken First Name “IF” snippet in your Sequence? We don't either. Never happened.
  • Reminded the Unknown Funding filter that it’s supposed to save with a Saved Search
  • Banished the ghosts who opened the sidebar when you visited the Contact page
  • Saving the layout on the Company page no longer tosses your changes into the infinite void
  • Made calling your family in Estonia even easier with a Dialer fix
  • Told a case-sensitivity issue on the location Search filter to pack its bags

New/Updated Documentation

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