Create an Apollo Zap in Zapier

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Zapier uses Zaps to connect apps and services together. Every Zap includes a trigger step and at least one action step. A trigger is an event that kick-starts a Zap. An action is an event that a Zap carries out. When you turn a Zap on and a trigger event takes place, Zapier automatically completes the related action steps for you.

Apollo-Based Events

For more information about the triggers and actions that you can use to connect Apollo with Zapier-supported apps, refer to the "Zapier Integration Overview" article.

Apollo integrates with all Zapier-supported apps including Slack, Google Sheets, Typeform, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, among others. This means that you can connect with key web applications in your workflow and sync data between them.

Refer to the sections below to find out more about how to create Zaps for your Apollo account.

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Create Zaps for your Apollo Account

Reverse the Workflow

Please note, the example below includes a Pipedrive Trigger and an Apollo Action, but you can also follow the same steps to create an Apollo Trigger and a Pipedrive Action.

Log into Zapier and click Create Zap on the left-hand side of the screen.

Create Zaps

Type the app for the trigger into the Search bar. Then, click the app that appears in the drop-down.

Select App

Use the Trigger Event drop-down to select the trigger that you want to use. Then, click Continue.

Trigger Event

Click the Choose an account drop-down and select the account that you want to connect.

Choose an Account

If you have not connected your account to Zapier, click the Choose an account drop-down and then click + Connect a new account.

Connect New Account

Zapier will prompt you to log into the account. Add your credentials and click Log In.

Log In Modal

Once you have logged in, click Continue.

Trigger Event

To complete the setup and ensure the trigger works, you should run a test. To do so, click Test Trigger.

Test Trigger

Additional Configuration

Please note, there may be instances when you need to follow additional steps to configure a trigger before Zapier runs the test. For more information, please refer to the Create Zaps article in the Zapier Knowledge Base.

When Zapier informs you that the test is successful, click Continue.


Type the app for the action into the Search bar and click the app from the App Event drop-down.

Add App Event

Connect Apollo to Zapier

Please note, to select Apollo as an App Event or Trigger, you need to first connect Apollo to your Zapier account. For more information on how to do so, please refer to the Connect Apollo to Your Zapier Account article.

Use the Action Event drop-down to select the action that you want to add. Then, click Continue.

Select Action Event

Select your account from the Choose Account drop-down.

Choose Account Drop-Down

Click Continue.


Add the information from the fields in the app you are connecting through Zapier (such as Pipedrive) so that the contact information corresponds with the required Apollo fields.

Add Field Info

Click Continue.


Confirm the information is correct and then click Test and Continue.

Test and Continue

When Zapier confirms the test is successful, click Turn on Zap.

Turn on Zap

Your app is now connected with Apollo. When the trigger event takes place, the action event will occur automatically.

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