Why Are My Own Opens Being Tracked?

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Matthew Charles


Any time you send a message through Apollo, there is a chance that when you open that message in your email, Apollo registers it as an open event. You want to be sure that you do not count self-opens in your data.

Read the information below to see how to identify self-opens.

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When Apollo Can't Detect Self-Opens

Apollo can't detect self-opens if you open one of your emails on a different device than the one you used to send it from. Most likely, this would be from a smartphone.

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When Apollo Can Detect Self-Opens

The Apollo Chrome Extension

The Apollo Chrome Extension can detect self-opens and makes sure they are not counted. The connection between the extension and your Gmail account ensures that self-opens are nullified.

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IP Address

If you have not installed the Apollo Chrome Extension, Apollo will check the network IP address of the opener and compare it against the address that was most recently associated with the sender.

IP Address Security Settings

Please note, if Apollo can't read your network's IP address then it can't reliably exclude your self-opens in this manner.

Unsubscribe Links and Tracking Links

Please note, interactions with unsubscribe links and tracking links are intelligently excluded in the same way as opens. When Apollo detects that the unsubscriber and email sender have the same network IP address, Apollo automatically excludes the unsubscribe link in the sent message.

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