Someone Responded to My Email. Why Can't I Find This Person in My Contacts?

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Sarah Malone

Your contacts may have multiple email aliases or domains. If a contact has set up email forwarding between their accounts, they can respond to your emails within the same thread but from an alternate email address.

When this happens, Apollo recognizes that the response is part of the same email thread and logs the reply in the Activities section of the original contact's profile.

Email Logged In Activities

However, Apollo does not yet recognize the alternate email as a contact. This means that if you search for the email, Apollo prompts you to create a new contact.

Click + Add to create a new contact with this email address.

Create New Contact

Or navigate to the contact's profile and replace the original email address. To do so, hover your mouse over the contact's email and click the edit icon.

Edit Email

Update the email address and then click Save.

Save Change

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Push Emails to Unknown Contacts in Salesforce

If you use the Salesforce integration, you can push emails even if the sender or recipient doesn't exist as a contact.

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Please note, this option may create new contacts in your Salesforce instance. Enable this feature with caution.

Click Settings and then click Integrations. Click View under the Salesforce section.

View Salesforce Integration

Click View under Push Records (Apollo > Salesforce).


Click the Activities, Tasks, Meetings, and Notes tab. Then, click to enable the toggle for Push emails even if sender or recipient doesn't exist in Salesforce.

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