How Do I Avoid Adding the Same Contact to Multiple Sequences?

Article author
Eric Zrinsky

Apollo Sequences allow you to reach out to your customers at scale. That means you may contact hundreds—or even thousands—of people at the same time. With that kind of volume, it is possible that you may accidentally add the same contact to multiple Sequences.

What's All This Sequence Mumbo-Jumbo?

Did you get a little ahead of yourself? If you stumbled upon this article and you're not sure what a Sequence is or how to add Contacts to one, you may want to check out the "Sequences Overview" and "Add Contacts to a Sequence" articles for more information about how to get started.

Apollo has a few safeguards in place in the event that you attempt to add Contacts to a Sequence when they are already included in one or more other Sequences. When you add a Contact to a Sequence, Apollo checks for the following criteria:

  • Is the Contact included in any sequence with an Active, Paused, or Failed status?
  • Is the Contact included in any Sequence with a Finished status?
  • Has the Contact recently changed jobs?
  • Does the Contact include a non-verified email address?

    Warning Modal

If Apollo displays the modal above when you add a Contact or Contacts to a Sequence, you have 3 options:

  1. Do Nothing: You can choose to ignore these warnings and click Sequence Contacts. This will omit any of the Contacts that are included in warnings in this modal and ensure that they are not added to the current Sequence.
  2. Review Each Warning: You can also expand the accordion for each warning and click the checkbox next to individual Contacts. Apollo adds any Contacts that you check to the Sequence, even if they exist in other Sequences.
  3. Include All Contacts: You can choose to include all of the Contacts in each warning category by clicking the checkbox next to it.
Wait—Did I Do Something Wrong?

There are often real business reasons to add a Contact to multiple Sequences at the same time. Take a deep breath—this modal is intended to provide a warning and should not deter you from adding Contacts to multiple Sequences when you need to.