Why Isn't My Dialer Working?

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Matthew Charles

Is your Apollo Dialer misbehaving? Fear not! You may come across performance issues like lag or connectivity. If you start to experience any of these issues, please continue reading for some suggestions on how to find a solution.

Basic Troubleshooting

Google Chrome

There are some quick and easy steps you can take to try and troubleshoot Apollo Dialer issues in Google Chrome.

  • Double-check that only one instance of Apollo is open in Chrome.
  • Too many open tabs can result in heavy resource use on your PC. Close tabs that you don't need open.
Oh, The Humanity!

Don't be like this. Tabs

  • Make sure Chrome is up to date.
    • Type chrome://settings/help in the address bar. This page displays whether Chrome is up to date or provides you with an option to update it. Chrome
  • Clear the cache.
    • Type chrome://settings/privacy in the address bar and click Privacy and Security to view your browsing data. Then, click Clear Browsing Data. Cache
    • Click the Time range drop-down and select All Time. Then, click Clear Data to clear the cache. Cache_2
  • Perform a hard refresh on your browser with the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+R for Macs or Ctrl+F5 for PCs. This clears the cache for a specific page.
Even More Troubleshooting Options!

Troubleshooting is not an exact science. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which your applications could stage a rebellion. Please read Troubleshoot the Apollo Chrome Extension for more tips on getting your applications back in your good graces.

Windows and Network

If your issues with the Apollo Dialer are not related to your browser, you can try looking into your Windows and Network settings.

  • Your Windows Firewall may interfere with the Apollo Dialer.
    • Open Control Panel and then click on System and Security. System and Security
    • Click Windows Defender Firewall. Windows Defender Firewall
    • Click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off on the left-hand side. Windows Defender Firewall On Off
    • Click Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall for Private and Public Network Settings. Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall
  • If you can't disable your Firewall, check your Firewall configuration.
    • Your Firewall needs to give outgoing User Datagram Protocol (UDP) access to the public internet from the browsers that use the dialer. It also needs to allow return traffic in response.
    • If you are on a restricted network, you may have to whitelist IP addresses. Here is a list of the Apollo Dialer's fixed range of IP addresses and examples of how to specify your region in code.
  • Confirm that your antivirus software is not blocking Apollo and the Apollo Dialer.
  • If you use a VPN, there are 2 options:
    • Apollo recommends you disconnect from your VPN when making calls.
    • If you are unable to disconnect from your VPN, you need to coordinate with your engineering and/or IT team to allow Apollo permanent access via Firewall and VPN rules.


  • Apollo recommends that you use a computer with at least 16GB of RAM. The Apollo Dialer needs strong resources to function properly.
  • Apollo also recommends that you use a USB-based headset when making calls. The latency in a wireless headset can cause delays.