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Every account you save in Apollo has a profile page. You can access certain default data about the respective company from this page. Apollo divides an account's information into 8 categories:

  • Overview
  • Existing Contacts
  • Employees
  • Sequences
  • Opportunities
  • Playbooks
  • Custom Fields
  • Locations

Refer to the sections below to find out more about how to access an account profile, the type of information at your disposal within each of the categories above, and how to edit default cards in the "Overview" tab.

Looking for Contacts?

If you're looking to view or edit contact profiles, please refer to the "Contact Profile Overview" article.

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Access Account Profiles

To access the profile page of a saved account, launch Apollo, click Search in the navbar, and then click Companies.

Search Page

Use the Search bar to type the name of the specific company that you want to review or click Saved to search through all your saved accounts.

Company Search

Click the name of the saved account that you would like to view.

Saved Account

From this page, you can access all the default information available for this account in Apollo.

Account Profile

Add Custom Field Cards to Contact and Account Profiles

For more information on how to add, create and edit custom field cards to your contact and account profile layouts, refer to the Add Custom Field Cards article.

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Account Overview

Apollo displays several default fields from the account overview pageā€”some of which you can edit. Refer to the table below for further details about each section.

Default Account Details

General Info This section includes the most basic contact information for the account. From here, you can edit company info and perform several key actions. Actions include viewing the company's social media channels, pushing to Salesforce, reviewing on LinkedIn, adding contacts to the account, or syncing CRM history.

General Info Card

Account Details and Keywords This section includes more information about the account, as well as the keywords Apollo uses to filter and organize it.

Details Card

Industry This section summarizes the account's industry as well as basic information including employee count, founding date, market cap, and ARR.

Engagement Card

Engagement This section summarizes the sales engagement history of the account as well as the company location and local time.

Engagement Card

Activities This section displays a log of all interactions between your team and any contacts from the account in question. From here, you can log new activities, filter by activity type, and review the activity history.

Activities Card

Suggested People This section includes a list of suggested Net New contacts from companies that share similar characteristics with the account in question.

Suggested People


Signals allow you to easily view a summary of the company's milestones, job postings, technologies, and more. Click each tab on the left to switch between cards.

Overview This card includes a summary of all available Signals, including key information like Personas and recent funding rounds.

Overview Card

Technologies This card includes a list of all the technologies that the company uses.

Technologies Card

Funding Rounds This card includes information about the type and amount of funding a company has received and the dates in which they gained said funding.

Funding Rounds

Job Postings This card includes a list of the most recent job postings for which a company is hiring.

Job Postings

News This card includes notifications about recent hirings, funding, major company announcements, and more.


Employee Trends This card includes several employee metrics and trends, including the total number of employees, retention rates, locations, and company departments.

Employee Trends Card

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Edit Profile Data on the Overview Page

From the overview tab on an account's profile page, you have the option to edit certain information. Please note, you cannot edit all of the fields. To identify if you can change the information in a certain section, hover your mouse over the data that you would like to change. If Apollo permits you to make edits, you will see one of the following icons.

Copy Edit

For some fields, Apollo displays multiple icons. For others, it displays just one. If you hover your mouse over a field and no icon appears, it means that you cannot edit the data for it.

Edit Icon

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Amend Default Cards on the Overview Page

From an account profile page, you have the option to make changes to certain default cards; however, many cards are fixed. This means that you cannot reorganize or delete all data in the "Overview" tab.

To make any changes to the layout, click the Overview tab of the account profile page that you want to personalize.

Research tab

Then, scroll to the Signals section, click the Edit drop-down just above the Signals card, and then click Edit Layout.

Edit Layout

Follow the steps in the sections below to delete, rearrange, or resize any default cards. When you finish making any changes to the layout, click Save.

Edit Layout

Delete Default Cards

To delete a default card, click the trash can icon on the top right-hand side of the card.

Delete Default Card

Resize Default Cards

To resize a default card, click the blue arrow icon on the bottom right-hand side of the respective card. Hold and drag the cursor and resize it to your preference.

Resize Default Card

Rearrange Default Cards

To rearrange the default cards, drag and drop them into the layout of your preference.

Rearrange Default Card

Access Previously Created Profile Layouts

To access and replicate standard or previously created profile layouts, click the Overview drop-down on the left-hand side of the screen and select the layout of your preference.

Contact Overview

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Existing Contacts

Apollo displays all existing contacts from the same company. You can access each contact's email and phone number(s) from this tab. You also have the option to take immediate action from this page by calling, emailing, prospecting on LinkedIn, or adding them to a sequence or list.

Existing Contacts

View all existing contacts from the Total tab or click on each stage tab to view the contacts by their specific stages.

Contact Stage Tabs

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Apollo displays all of the known employees at the company. Note that this is different from the "Existing Contacts" tab. The "Employees" tab displays every employee from the account and not just the contacts that you have saved in Apollo.

People Card

You also have the option to take immediate action from this page by selecting the contacts that you want to save and then accessing their email, exporting them to a CSV file, emailing them, or adding them to a sequence or list.

Access Contact Button and Action Item Icons

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Apollo displays any contacts from this account that you have added to a sequence. From here, you can also view the overall status of the contacts in the sequences. For more information about sequences, please see the "Sequences Overview" article.

Sequences Tab

Click the toggle on the left of a contact to pause or resume the contact in a sequence.

Turn Sequence On/Off Toggle

You also have the option to take further action from this page. Click the Additional Options (...) button on the right of a contact to review your options.

Additional Options Buttons in Sequences Tab

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Apollo displays any opportunities related to the account. You can add new opportunities directly from this page to document any basic details. You can also add custom fields related to the lead source and type.


Never Miss a Good Opportunity

For additional information about opportunities, please see the "Opportunities Overview" and the "Create Opportunities in Apollo" articles.

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Apollo displays any playbooks related to the account for engagement and prospecting. Refer to the Playbooks Overview article for more information.


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Custom Fields

Apollo displays the custom fields you have already created. You can view and edit custom fields directly from this page.

Custom Fields

Sowing the Seeds of Personalization!

For additional information about Custom Fields, please see the "Create Custom Contact Fields," "Create Custom Account Fields," and "Create Custom User Fields" articles.

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Apollo displays all locations assigned to the account, which could be anything from company headquarters to offsite offices. You can export this information as a CSV file directly from this page.


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