Create a Playbook (BETA)

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Jayson Verdibello


Bear With Us, It's in Beta!

Playbooks are in Beta development, and may exhibit unexpected behavior. For more information about Playbooks, refer to the Playbooks Overview (BETA) article.


Playbooks are tools you can use to group accounts through an ordered series of engagement steps. You have the ability to create your own Playbooks.

Refer to the steps below to create a Playbook.

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Create a Playbook

Launch Apollo and hover over Engage in the navbar, then click Playbooks (beta).

Home Page

Click +Add Playbook.

Add Playbook

Enter the name of your Playbook.

Playbook Name

Click the Playbook Ruleset drop-down menu and select the ruleset you want to apply to your Playbook.

Rule the Roost

Playbook Rulesets help provide more granular control of your Playbooks. For more information, refer to the Create, Configure, and Delete Playbook Rulesets (BETA) article.


Playbook Rulesets

Click Browse to select a folder for your Playbook, and then click the folder name to select it.

Playbook Folder

Alternatively, you can click the +New Folder button to create a new folder for your Playbook.

New Folder

Click the X to close the window and apply your change.

Close Window

You can type phrases in the Tags textbox, then click "Create new tag" below them to add new tags.

Create Tags

You can also click the drop-down menu to display existing tags, then click the tag to add it.

Add Tags

Click the Permissions drop-down and select who you want to view and edit your Playbook. You can choose from "Team can view and edit" or "Private to owner."

Permissions Menu

Click "Create."

Create Playbook

You have successfully created a Playbook.

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