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If your team uses a video communications tool for sales or recruitment calls, you can integrate your Apollo instance with your Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams account. Use Apollo Conversations to access your call recordings and leverage important meeting insights from within Apollo.

There are several benefits of integrating your communications tool with Apollo, including:

  • More effectively manage and analyze your team’s call recordings
  • Play back your call recordings, download and share high-accuracy transcripts and call clips, leverage AI written call summaries, and uncover account and attendee data from each call
  • Coach and scale successful conversations to increase call conversions
Link Your Mailbox First

Hoping to leverage our conversations tool but haven't linked a mailbox to Apollo yet? Apollo only pulls in recordings from the meetings you schedule via the mailboxes you've connected to Apollo. If you haven't already, you need to connect your mailbox(es) to gain full functionality of Apollo Conversations.

For more information on how to connect a mailbox in Apollo, refer to this article.

Refer to the steps below to set up conversations in Apollo, configure the settings, and, if needed, disconnect the integration.

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Set Up Conversations

Currently, Apollo Conversations supports 3 communication platforms:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
Use another platform?

Not a Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams user? Click the Other checkbox and let us know which platform you use. Our wise and wonderful developers are hard at work building the integration for alternative platforms. Your answer helps determine which conferencing tool we prioritize next! Other checkbox on conversations setup page

Follow the steps below to integrate your account with Apollo conversations.

Living Life in the Present

Please note, when you finish the setup process, Apollo starts to pull all new calls that your team records after you connect Apollo with your communications platform. Apollo does not display the previous conversations you recorded before you integrated the two platforms.

Integrate Apollo with Your Zoom Pro, Business, Business Plus, or Enterprise Account

Got Admin Superpowers?

Please note that only Zoom and Apollo admin access members can integrate a Zoom Pro, Business, Business Plus, or Enterprise account with Apollo. If you are not an admin for either account, please contact a team member with the necessary permissions to set up the integration. For more information on permission profiles in Apollo, refer to this article. To find out what permissions you have in Zoom, see this support article in the Zoom help center.

Launch Apollo, click Engage, and then click Conversations.

Conversations Tab on Engage Page

Click Get Started.

Get started button

Click Connect next to Zoom.

Zoom Connect Button

Then, click Pro, Business, Business Plus, or Enterprise.

First button for Zoom account

Enter the credentials for your admin account and click Sign In.

Zoom Credentials Page

Apollo displays a permissions modal. Review the installation details. Then, click Allow to proceed with the setup.

Allow Button

You have connected Apollo to your pro, business, business plus, or enterprise Zoom account. Hop to the next steps to continue with the setup process.

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Integrate Apollo with Your Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom Basic Account

Launch Apollo, click Engage, and then click Conversations.

Conversations Tab on Engage Page

Click Get Started.

Sync Zoom Account Button

Then, click Connect next to the communications platform you want to integrate.

Connect button on conversations page

If you are connecting your Zoom Basic account, click Basic.

Basic button

Click Continue.

Continue button

You have now connected your Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom Basic account. Click Continue to permissions to move to the next step in the setup process.

Continue button in setup

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Integrate Multiple Video Conferencing Platforms

You can connect more than 1 video conferencing platform to Apollo. If you've already connected to Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams as part of the initial set-up process for conversations, you can also integrate with the other platforms. This means you never miss the opportunity to record and analyze a meeting.

To connect more video conferencing platforms, launch Apollo and click Settings > Integrations. Find the platforms that haven't been integrated, and then click Connect for each one that you want to add.

Connect more video conferencing platforms.

Complete the process for either:

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Set Your Team's Permissions

Apollo automatically records any users that have "view and record" permissions in Apollo. To make any changes to the teams with permissions, click or unclick the checkbox next to the team(s) you want to include or exclude.

Permissions checkboxes

Feeling a Little Lost?

Want to create new teams in Apollo? Hop into the Organize Users into Teams article for more info. If you want to learn more about permission settings for each team, refer to the Create Permission Profiles article.

Then, click Continue.

Continue button

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Add Trackers

Trackers are sets of keywords that Apollo detects in your recordings to help you identify and surface the most important parts of each call.

Trackers page in setup

Click the Edit icon next to a prebuilt tracker to make any changes.

Edit icon next to a tracker

Click any keywords you want to delete. Apollo then removes them from the list.

Keywords text box in tracker settings

Type any additional keywords into the Keywords text box and click enter to add them to the list.

Adding keywords

Click the Track when mentioned by drop-down to set whether you track keywords from internal, external, or all participants.

Track when mentioned by drop-down

Then, click Save tracker.

Save tracker button

To create your own, click + Add trackers.

Add trackers button

Then, click Prebuilt or New Trackers.

Create trackers modal

If you select Prebuilt, click a template on the left. Then, make any edits you need and click Save tracker.

Prebuilt template

If you select New tracker, give your tracker a name, type your keywords into the text box, add the type of participants you want to track, and then click Save tracker.

New tracker modal

To delete a tracker, click the trash can icon.

Trash can icon

Then, click Delete tracker to confirm your decision.

Delete confirmation modal

Too Much, Too Soon?

All this tracker talk left you feeling overwhelmed? Fear not folks, you can circle back to this at any time. Head to the settings, click Conversations, and scroll to Trackers to create new and edit existing trackers whenever you like.

Click Finish to finalize the setup process.

Finish button

You have completed the setup. If you want to make any changes to the settings, follow the steps in the section below.

Ready to Roll?

Head to the Conversations tab in Apollo to access key insights from your team's new calls. For more information about how to take advantage of Apollo Conversations, please refer to the "Access Your Conversations in Apollo" article.

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Configure the Settings

Now that you have connected Apollo to your communications platform, you can configure your conversation settings to specify how and when Apollo should process your users' call recordings.

Permission to Edit

Please note, you can only make changes to the conversation settings if you are an admin or have permission to edit the conversation settings. Can edit conversations permission If you are an admin and want to change a team's permissions, head to Permission Profiles in Apollo. For further guidance, please see the Create Permission Profiles article.

Launch Apollo, click Settings, and then click Conversations.

Conversations Settings

If you connected a Microsoft Teams or Zoom Basic account, give your recorder bot a name. Be mindful that all participants will see the bot name in your meetings.

Recorder bot name field

What's with the Bot?

If you have not connected a Zoom pro+ account, a third-party bot records your teams' meetings and then sends the recording to Apollo to analyze in our conversations tool. This means you can record any meeting even if you don't have a cloud storage plan on your communications platform.

Please note that the bot automatically joins your calls unless you set up a waiting room for guests in your communications platform. The meeting host can remove the bot at any time during a meeting. However, please remember that if you do so, there won't be a recording, and you cannot access meeting insights in Apollo for that call. Refer to the settings below to restrict which teams and users' meetings you record.

Type in the domains you want to exclude. Apollo won't record or process any meetings with participants from these domains. Then, click enter. Apollo displays them below the Blocked Domains search bar.

Domains to Exclude Text Box

Then, click the All conversations radio button if you want Apollo to pull your team's internal and external calls from Zoom.

All Conversations Radio Button

Let's Get Creative!

Want the flexibility to record some internal calls but not all? Consider creating a waiting room in your communications platform. The host can then decide on which calls you admit the bot and on which you leave it high and dry!

Alternatively, click the Conversations with at least one external user radio button if you don't want Apollo to pull your team's internal calls from Zoom.

External User Conversations Radio Button

To make any changes to which teams' meetings you record, click the Custom radio button and select the teams you want to record.

Custom radio button

Click the Exclude recording of conversations hosted by users drop-down to select any users you do not want to record.

Exclude users drop-down

Type the minimum number of minutes you want your calls to last for Apollo to process the meeting in conversations. Apollo does not save or pull a meeting into conversations if it lasts less than the call duration you set here.

Call duration field

When you are ready, click Save changes.

Save changes button

You have now configured the settings for your conversations in Apollo. To edit the trackers, scroll to My trackers and make any changes you like.

My trackers in conversations settings

For more information about trackers, refer to the "Add Trackers" section above.

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Disconnect Your Account from Apollo

If you are an admin, you can disconnect your communications platform from Apollo at any time.

Launch Apollo, click Settings, and then click Integrations.

Integrations Page in Apollo

Find Conference Apps under your "Connected integrations" and then click Disconnect.

Disconnect Button on Integrations Page

Regret Stings!

Are you sure you want to disconnect? You can reconnect at any time. However, please remember that Apollo does not pull in any historical data from Zoom. This means that when you reconnect, Apollo does not display any calls that your team recorded during a period of disconnection.

Click Disconnect CI to confirm your choice.

Disconnect confirmation modal

You have now disconnected your account from Apollo. If you want to reconnect the 2 platforms at any point, follow the steps in the "Set Up Conversations" section above.

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