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Beta Alert!

Please note, this feature is currently in Beta. If you experience any issues when you follow the steps below, our technical support team is here to help. You can send us an email, submit a request, or reach out via our chatbot at any time. Thanks for bearing with us while we fine-tune the magic formula!

If you use Salesforce in your day-to-day sales workflow but want to take advantage of Apollo's robust database, you can use the Apollo for Salesforce app to enrich your records directly within Salesforce.

Refer to the sections below for the steps to install Apollo in your Salesforce account.

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Install Apollo for Salesforce

Things Can Only Get Better

Please note, once the Beta testing period ends, you and your team can install the integration directly from Salesforce’s AppExchange Marketplace. Before you do so, you will need to follow the instructions in the "Uninstall Apollo for Salesforce" article to uninstall the Beta version. Then, you will be able to install the official version from the Salesforce marketplace.

Click this Package Install link, enter your Salesforce credentials, and then click Log In.

Salesforce Credentials Modal

If you want to specify how to deal with any component name conflicts, click the appropriate radio button. Then, click the Install for Admins Only radio button.

Install for Admins Only

Click Install.

Install Button

Read the information in the Third-Party Access modal and if you agree, click the Yes, grant access to these third-party websites checkbox. Then, click Continue to move forward with the installation.

Third-Party Access

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!

Please note, you may have to wait a moment while Salesforce works its magic. If you see the following screen, you know you're on the right path to installation!

Loading Page

When you have successfully installed the app, click Done.

Done Button in Installation Modal

You have now completed the first phase of the installation process. Follow the instructions below to give your team access to the Apollo for Salesforce app and add your Apollo API Key.

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Give Your Users Access to Apollo

Scroll to the Users drop-down in Salesforce Setup and then click Permission Sets.

Permission Sets Tab on Setup Page

Click Apollo User.

Apollo User Field in Permission Sets Page

Click Manage Assignments.

Manage Assignments Button on Apollo User Permission Sets Page

Then, click Add Assignments.

Add Assignments Button in Apollo User Page

Click the Recently Viewed drop-down and select All Users.

Recently Viewed Drop-Down

Click the checkboxes next to the users to whom you want to give access to the Apollo for Salesforce app. Then, click Next.

Assign Button on the Apollo Users Page

Review the information and click Assign.

Assign Button on the Apollo Users Page

Then, review the assignment summary and click Done.

Done Button on the Success Page

License to Enrich!

Please note, you can only give permission to users with Standard Salesforce or Salesforce Platform licenses. For more information about the access rights for each user license, please refer to the "User Licences" article in the Salesforce Knowledge Base.

If you try to add users with restricted access rights, Salesforce does not assign permissions to these users.

Permission Not Assigned Message

You have now given your chosen users access to the Apollo for Salesforce app. Follow the instructions in the Enter Your API Key section below to finalize the installation process.

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Revoke Access for Users

You can revoke a user's access to the Apollo for Salesforce app at any time. Click the checkboxes next to the users that you want to remove. Then, click Remove Assignments.

Remove Assignments Button on the Apollo Users Page

Click OK in the confirmation modal to confirm your decision.

OK Button in Confirmation Modal

Then, review the information and click Done.

Done Button on Success Page

You have now revoked a user's access to the Apollo for Salesforce app.

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Enter Your API Key

You need to add your Apollo API master key to finalize the setup process and start enriching records in Salesforce.

Launch Salesforce, click the App Launcher icon on the top left of your screen, and then click View All.

App Launcher Icon in Salesforce

Scroll down and click Apollo in the App Launcher modal.

Apollo Application in App Launcher Modal

Paste your Apollo API master key into the API Key text box. Then, click Validate and Save.

API Key Text Box in Apollo Settings Salesforce Page

Lost Your Key?

Need help finding your Apollo API key? It's as easy as pie to create a new key or access an existing one. Follow the instructions in the "Configure Access to the Apollo REST API" article and then head back to Salesforce and continue with the step above.

You have now successfully added your Apollo API key and finished installing the Apollo for Salesforce app in Salesforce.

API Key Success Message

To confirm you have set up the installation correctly, follow the steps in the "Use the Apollo for Salesforce App" article to test out the Apollo enrichment feature in action.

You Can Always Change Your Mind

You can uninstall the app at any time. For further instructions, follow the steps in the "Uninstall the Apollo for Salesforce App" article.

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