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A Bit of Beta Makes it Better!

Please note, this feature is currently in Beta. If you experience any issues, our technical support team is here to help. You can send us an email, submit a request, or reach out via our chatbot at any time. We'd also love to hear your feedback so we can continue to fine-tune the magic formula.

You can leverage Apollo's robust database to enrich your Salesforce records directly within Salesforce.

First, follow the instructions in the "Install the Apollo for Salesforce App". Then, refer to the steps below to start enriching your records directly within Salesforce.

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Enrich Records within Salesforce

Launch Salesforce and navigate to the record page of any lead, contact, or account. Then, click the tab.

Apollo Tab on a Record Detail Page

Apollo automatically enriches your Salesforce data when you click the tab.

Enriched Data Success Example

To review the enriched records, click the + icon next to a category in the tab. Then, scroll through your newly enriched data.

Enriched Data Example

Playing It Safe

Please note, Apollo can only enrich the Salesforce accounts that include a website in the record details. For Salesforce contacts and leads, Apollo can only enrich those that include either an email or the full combination of first name, last name, and company in the record details. Without these identifiers, Apollo cannot reliably match the records in the Apollo database and enrich the contact, lead, or account with confidence. Rest assured that if it’s not reliable, we ain’t wasting your credits!

If you try to enrich a record without one of the identifiers mentioned above, Salesforce displays an error message.

Enriched Data Example

To overcome the error and enrich the record, click Details on the record page of the lead, contact, or account. Then, click the Edit icon next to the missing field(s).

Edit Icon

Enter the information and click Save.

Save Button

Then, click the Apollo tab and click Enrich.

Enrich Button in Apollo Tab

One Small Step for Security!

Please note, if your enrichment request failed the first time or if you have already enriched a record within the last 30 days, you need to manually click the Enrich button after you click the tab to submit the request again. Apollo does not allow you to enrich a contact or lead more than once within a 30-day period. Every credit counts, after all! However, account enrichment does not cost you any credits. So if you're browsing your accounts and are feeling rebellious, feel free to hit that enrich button galore!

You have now successfully enriched a record in Salesforce with the Apollo for Salesforce app.

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