Rate Conversations and Train Sales Teams Using Scorecards

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Scorecards enable your sales leaders and teams to provide detailed feedback on recorded conversations in Apollo. When you create scorecards with questions to assess video calls, leaders can use scorecard ratings to identify training opportunities for their sales teams.

The following sections share how to build and submit scorecards on conversations.

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Create Scorecards

Admins Only

Only Apollo admins can create scorecards. If your team wants to use scorecards but doesn't have the necessary permissions, contact an Apollo admin in your organization.

To create a scorecard:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Settings > Conversations.
  2. Click Scorecards, then click Create scorecard. Create a scorecard.
  3. Name the scorecard. To build from a template, choose from the Start with a template drop-down. To build from scratch, leave the drop-down blank.

    Apollo provides 2 scorecard templates: Discovery and Demo. Each template includes several questions that are targeted to either discovery or demo conversation types. You can customize templates as needed to build a scorecard. Choose a template or build from scratch.
  4. Click Build scorecard.
  5. In the Build section, add, remove, and edit questions, and preview the scorecard in the Preview section. If you're building from a template, the scorecard is pre-populated with questions. Preview the scorecard.
  6. Toggle Set as required on or off to change whether the user submitting the scorecard must address a question. Require an answer.
  7. To add a question, click Add question, then choose the type of question you want to add. Refer to the Understand Scorecard Question Types section for more information about each question type. Add a question.
  8. To remove a question, click Delete. Delete a question.
  9. To rearrange the order of questions, click and drag the handle at the top-left of a question. Reorder questions.
  10. When finished, click Publish. Confirm that you want to make the scorecard available to use. Activate the scorecard.

The scorecard is now live and available to use to rate conversations.

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Submit a Scorecard for a Conversation

To submit a scorecard for a conversation:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Conversations. Then, click the conversation that you want to rate.
  2. Click Scoring, then select the scorecard that you want to use to rate the conversation. Choose a scorecard.
  3. Answer each question, then click Submit scorecard. Click Add comment to add more context for an answer. Submit your answers.

Your scorecard responses are now submitted. The user that you scored will receive an email notifying them that their conversation has been scored.

The Responses tab displays all of the scorecards that have been submitted for a conversation. Click View to review a scorecard's answers.

View scorecard responses.


Looking for more opportunities to measure and train your sales teams? Check out Set and Track Team Goals in Apollo to learn how to set goals for your team based on a variety of metrics.

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Request Feedback

Ensure you receive the feedback that you need to improve by requesting scores for your conversations. After submitting a scoring request, your chosen evaluators will receive an email notifying them to submit a scorecard for your conversation.

To request an evaluation of your conversation:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Conversations. Then, click the conversation that you want scored.
  2. Click Scoring, then click Request score. Request a score.
  3. Select the evaluator you want to score your conversation and the scorecard you want them to use. Then, click Request. Request a score.

After you submit your request, Apollo sends an email to notify the evaluator. You will receive an email notification when the evaluator submits the scorecard.

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Understand Scorecard Question Types

By default, scorecards include an overall rating that requires the submitter to rate the conversation on a 1-5 scale. This question cannot be edited or removed.

You can also add several types of questions to scorecards, including:

  • Open text: This question type enables a scorer to enter free-form text to answer the question. Open text question.
  • Yes/no: Scorers must submit either Yes or No as a response to this question type. Yes or no question.
  • Rating scale: Provide a rating scale to scorers with this question type. Use either numbers of stars as a measurement, and set the rating range from 1 up to 10. Add labels so scorers know which end of the range is a good or bad rating. Rating scale question.
  • Single select: Scorers pick only 1 answer from the provided options. Single select question.
  • Multiple select: Scorers pick as many answers as they want from the provided options. Multiple select question.

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