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The Error Log in Apollo allows you to view any sync errors that Apollo receives when pushing information from Apollo into Salesforce. From this page, you can browse through your error history, access further information about the error, filter by date and timeframe, and retry a failed sync.

Refer to the sections below for the steps to take to access the Error Log, retry a "push" job, and gain a more granular view of a specific record's sync history.

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View Sync Errors and Retry the Push

Launch Apollo to view any sync errors that Apollo receives from your Salesforce instance, click Settings, and then click Integrations.


Click View in the connected Salesforce integration.

View Salesforce Integration

Then, scroll to Error Log and click View.

View Error Log

From this page, you can view any errors that occur when Apollo attempts to push information from Apollo into Salesforce.

Error Log

Click the Errors drop-down on the right to filter by push type.

Error Type Filter

You can also click the Dates drop-down to filter by date or timeframe.

Date and Timeframe Filter

To find out what caused an error, check the Error Description column.

Error Description Column

Check the Automatic Retry column to view if and when Apollo will automatically retry a failed push.

Automatic Retry Column

Hover your mouse over the information to view the date and time that Apollo plans to retry the push.

Date and Time of Automatic Retry

Fifth Time's a Charm!

Please note, Apollo automatically attempts to retry a failed push 5 times. If this still does not work, you will need to address the error source and then manually retry the push.

If you want to manually retry a failed push, click the checkbox(es) of the error(s), and then click Retry Selected.

Retry Selected Button

You have now requested for Apollo to re-attempt the push. If the push fails again, Apollo displays this on the Error Log.

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View Error Sync History for a Specific Contact or Account

For a more granular view of a specific record's sync history, navigate to the contact or account profile page and click More.

Profile Page-More

Click CRM Sync History.

CRM Sync History

Apollo displays a modal with the sync history for the specific contact or account. From here, you can view information about both push and pull-related errors.

Sync History Modal

You have now accessed the error sync history for the contact or account.

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