Uphold Data Privacy with the Redaction of Sensitive Information in Apollo

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Apollo is committed to protecting your privacy, maintaining security compliance, and keeping your sensitive data safe. As a result, Apollo automatically redacts sensitive information when you view email correspondence within Apollo.

This means that if you or your recipients share sensitive information via a mailbox you've connected to Apollo, Apollo masks that content.

PII redaction in an email

Only in Apollo

Please note, Apollo's redaction of sensitive information only applies to the emails you view from within Apollo. If you need to access the sensitive information Apollo has redacted, please view the email correspondence directly from the inbox of your connected mailbox.

Refer to the following section for more information on the specific data types Apollo redacts.

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Redacted Information in Apollo

Apollo's advanced algorithm uses pattern and keyword matching to identify any email content in the subject and body of your emails where sensitive data is present.

There are three types of sensitive information that Apollo redacts:

  • ID Numbers.
  • Account Numbers.
  • Technical Information.

See below for a breakdown of the specific information that Apollo redacts when you view your emails within Apollo.

Apollo currently supports redaction for the following types of ID numbers in the US, the UK, Canada, and India:

  • Passport numbers from the US, the UK, and Canada.
  • Social security numbers from the US.
  • Social insurance numbers from Canada.
  • National insurance numbers from the UK.
  • National health service numbers from the UK.
  • Driver's license numbers from the UK.
  • Aadhar numbers from India.
  • Voter Numbers from India.
  • Individual taxpayer identification numbers from the US.
  • Unique taxpayer reference numbers from the UK.
  • Permanent account numbers from India.

Don't see your country on the list? Drop the Apollo support team a note to let us know if you're interested in ID number redaction for another region.

Apollo currently redacts the following bank details:

  • International bank account numbers.
  • Swift codes.
  • Bank account numbers.
  • IFSC codes.
  • Credit/debit card numbers.

Apollo also masks any of the following sensitive technical data:

  • Usernames and user IDs from any platform.
  • Passwords from any platform.
  • Mac addresses.
All Great Things Come in Secure Packages!

Want to apply other security protocols to your workflow in Apollo? Sneak a peek at this article for a breakdown of the security features you can apply to keep your Apollo account extra safe.

If you want to learn more about Apollo's commitment to data privacy and security, dive into the Apollo trust center for more details.

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