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The Apollo Knowledge Base is here to help set you up for success when you use Apollo. It includes basic troubleshooting, go-to-market guidance, and step-by-step info on how to use Apollo features. Turn to the Knowledge Base to find detailed answers to your biggest Apollo questions anytime you need a helping hand.

Houston, We Have a Problem!

In need of a human touch? Fear not, folks. The Apollo Knowledge Base is just one part of our friendly support web. If you need help with a question you can't find the answer to or have a complex issue you can't resolve, reach out to our technical support team at any time.

Refer to the following sections to learn how to best use the Knowledge Base and easily find the guidance and answers you're looking for.

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Access Each Section

There are 9 sections in the Apollo Knowledge Base:

  • Getting Started
    • Learn how to set up your Apollo account and configure the basic settings required to use Apollo. If you're a new user, start here to familiarize yourself with the Apollo platform.
  • Home
    • Discover more about how to use the control center, set up and leverage the data health center, and customize the Apollo cockpit.
  • Search & Prospecting
    • Find out how to apply filters to a search, use buying intent, create saved searches, manage your records, upload and export CSV files, leverage the Apollo Chrome Extension, and create personas.
  • Engage
    • Your one-stop shop for all articles on Apollo's engagement tools and how to use them. This includes information about emails, sequences, conversations, the dialer, tasks, playbooks, templates and snippets, meetings, scores, signals, and analytics.
  • Plays
    • Read about how to create and use plays to automate manual tasks and connect with your ideal contacts at scale.
  • Enrich
    • Discover how to enrich and update your records with information from Apollo. This includes all things CRM, CSV, and API enrichment.
  • Deals
    • Learn how to use Apollo Deals to create and track your deals with prospective customers in Apollo.
  • Integrations
    • Find out how to integrate with various third-party platforms and tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, SendGrid, Mailgun, Outreach, Vidyard, Salesloft, Marketo, and Greenhouse.
  • Settings & Billing
    • Dive into the data management, user settings, billing, and general settings docs to configure and manage your Apollo account with ease.

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Search For Articles

To search for a specific article in the Apollo Knowledge Base:

  1. Use the search bar on the homepage to find articles using keywords. You can also see where in the knowledge base the article is. This makes it easy to find related content in the future. Search Bar
  2. If the results you expect are not in the preview, hit Return on your keyboard to load a full list of results. Full Results
  3. Click on a section in the navbar to narrow your search. Narrow Search
  4. Apollo Knowledge Base articles use tags that mimic the structure of the platform. This means you can use keywords like Home, Search, Engage, Plays, Enrich, Deals, and Settings to find articles specifically related to that part of the platform.
    • In addition, Apollo tags each article with the related feature and keywords so you can search using terms like sequences, CRM, CSV, and any other related keywords.
  5. You can also use one of the following modifiers on your search to show a specific type of article:
    • How-to: Articles that explain a process or teach you how to use a specific feature.
    • Overview: Articles that provide contextual information and top faqs about a feature or function in the platform.

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Navigate the Knowledge Base

If you want to browse the Knowledge Base, you can view the articles in each section.

To access an article:

  1. Open the Apollo Knowledge Base and scroll to a category or use the table of contents on the left. Get Started Section
  2. Click the category drop-down. From here, you can view all the articles in that section. Click an article to open it. Sub-sections drop-down
  3. All articles contain a table of contents that moves up and down the page with you as you scroll. Click a section title to jump straight to that spot within the article. Table of Contents
  4. Click an image to expand it. Then, click outside the image pop-up to close it and return to the article. Image Modal
  5. Click on a smiley face to let us know if you found the article helpful. Feedback icons
  6. Use the Previous Article and Next Article links at the bottom of each page to read other articles in that section of the Knowledge Base. Previous and Next
  7. Alternatively, you can type keywords into the search bar to look for other articles or topics within the Knowledge Base. Feedback icons

You have now navigated your way around the Apollo Knowledge Base.

Ready to Roll?

Now that you know how to use the Apollo Knowledge Base, it's time to jump back into the Apollo platform and take our features for a spin. Bookmark the Knowledge Base so you have it close at hand, and feel free to come visiting whenever you need a pinch of guidance. And remember, if you need to talk to a living, breathing human, you can contact the Technical Support Team or reach out via our chat widget at any time.

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