Merge Account Data Overview

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Matthew Charles


When you merge duplicate contact information in the platform, Apollo only merges certain information into the correct record.

How to Merge Duplicate Records

For more information on how to merge duplicate records, click here.

Refer to the section below for information about rules Apollo applies when merging records in your account.

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General Rules for Merging

Generally speaking, when a duplicate entry merges with your source of truth, Apollo migrates the following fields into the source of truth:

  • Account custom field values that aren't null
  • Account lists
  • Contacts
  • User activities

The merge process in Apollo operates on priority. The source of truth entry takes precedent over the entry you merged in. For example, when Apollo merges custom fields, if the source of truth has a different value for the same custom field, it is not overwritten. If the custom field is empty in the source of truth, Apollo merges the data into the source of truth.

Account lists, contacts, and user activities are added to the existing list in the source of truth.

In addition, the following information is also copied over in a merge, if it is available:

  • Account Name
  • Account Enrichment Information
  • Account Website
  • Account Notes
  • Account Stage
  • Account Owner

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