Merge Duplicate Records to Consolidate Your Data

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Matthew Charles


When you use Apollo for prospecting, it's possible that you will get duplicate contact information when you sync Apollo to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Apollo automatically notifies you if there is a probable duplicate, which allows you to merge the duplicates and clean up your contact list.

Can't Win Them All

Please note, despite our best efforts, Apollo will never be entirely duplicate free. Apollo will always experience around a 1% duplication rate in our database.

See the sections below for instructions on how to merge duplicate accounts in Apollo and preserve your source of truth.

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Merge Duplicate Contacts or Companies

Launch Apollo and then click Search.


Click either the People or Companies tab depending on whether you are searching for contacts or accounts.

People or Companies

Merge Process

Please note, the merge process is identical for contacts and accounts. The instructions below demonstrate the process for contacts, but if you need to merge data for duplicate accounts, follow the same steps but click the Companies tab first.

When you complete a filtered search for People or Companies, you may find data records that look identical to each other.


Click the duplicate record to show the Card. If there is a potential duplicate, Apollo displays a merge banner.

Merge Banner

There are multiple ways to merge a duplicate record:

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The Merge Banner

Click Click here to merge this duplicate with the current contact. in the banner.

Merge Banner

Click Yes in the modal to merge the duplicate record with the source of truth that you would like to keep. This will remove the duplicate.

Merge Modal

Delete From Your CRM

Please note, you should delete the duplicate record from your CRM as well as merge it in Apollo to prevent it from syncing again.

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The Contact Card

To merge a contact from the Contact Card, click the additional options (...) button and then click Merge Duplicate.

Merge Duplicate

In the modal, Merge this contact: will be auto-filled with the existing contact that Apollo should merge it with. You cannot change this field.

Merge this contact

Use the Into this contact: search bar to find the contact you want to merge into your source of truth.


Click Merge to join the two contacts.


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Contact Checkboxes

The last method to merge contacts is by using the contact checkboxes on the People search page.

Click the checkbox for each contact.

Contact Checkboxes

Click the additional options (...) button and then click Merge Duplicates.

Additional Options

In the Merge Duplicate Contact modal, click the Choose the master contact to merge the selected contacts into drop-down and then choose the contact you want to use as your source of truth.

Master Merge Contact

Click Merge to merge the two contacts.

Merge Two Contacts

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