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If you have data in Salesforce that you'd like to make available in Apollo or if you want to keep your data in Apollo synchronized with Salesforce, you need to first integrate your Salesforce instance with Apollo.

Let's Go Play In the Sandbox!

Please note, Apollo recommends you create a new or separate Apollo instance to connect your sandbox. This allows you to experiment with your sandbox first without risking any conflicts or duplicates of the data synced between Salesforce and your regular instance. Then, once you're ready to link your actual Salesforce account to Apollo, you can do so in your regular Apollo instance.

Having trouble connecting? You may need to allow OAuth username-password flows in your Salesforce account first. Refer to this Salesforce article for further information.

Refer to the following steps to connect Apollo with your Salesforce account.

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Connect Apollo to Salesforce

Hold Your Horses!

Have you read this article on how the integration works? If not, sneak a quick peek before you connect so you can streamline the set-up process and reduce the risk of unnecessary errors when integrating your Salesforce account with Apollo.

To connect Apollo to Salesforce:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Settings > Integrations.
  2. Click Connect in the Salesforce integration menu. Connect
  3. Click Yes, Continue. Continue
  4. Click Allow. Allow
  5. You have now connected Apollo to your Salesforce account. Complete
    IP Range Restrictions

    Please note, Apollo does not support fixed IP ranges in Salesforce. Apollo IPs are dynamic, which means that they are subject to change over time. If you have set up IP range restrictions in Salesforce and encounter issues when linking Salesforce with Apollo, please refer to this Salesforce help doc for more information on disabling IP range restrictions.

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Next Steps

Now that you have connected your Salesforce account with Apollo, it's time to configure the settings to set up your team for success. Here are some useful articles to help get you off on the right foot:

What Are You Waiting For?

Got this far but yet to connect your SFDC account with Apollo? There's no time like the present to get set up! Hop into Apollo now and connect your account. If you need a helping hand, you can drop us a note via our chatbot or send an email to our technical support team at any time.

Wondering what happens when you integrate your CRM with Apollo? Hop into the How Data Sharing Works with the Apollo Contributor Network article for more information.

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