Salesforce Credentials Overview

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Apollo allows you to sync data to and from Salesforce with your personal Salesforce credentials or with your Team Sync credentials. Apollo can synchronize record ownership and activity logs with Salesforce depending on which credentials you use.

Connect Salesforce to Apollo First

Please note, in order to configure data synchronization between Apollo and Salesforce, you must first connect Salesforce to your Apollo account. Refer to the "Connect Apollo to Your Salesforce Account" article for additional information.

Refer to the sections below for information about the different types of credentials you can use to synchronize data between Apollo and Salesforce.

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Personal Salesforce Credentials

The My Salesforce Credentials setting in Apollo is user-specific and represents your personal Salesforce account.

My Salesforce Credentials

Once you add your Salesforce credentials, Apollo can sync your actions in the platform with your actions in Salesforce when you configure the Pull and Push settings in your Salesforce integration.

Apollo expects that all users with Salesforce accounts will connect their own credentials to sync with Apollo.

One Set of Salesforce Credentials to an Apollo User

Please note, you must connect a different set of Salesforce credentials for every user in Apollo. Apollo does not allow 2 or more users to connect with the same Salesforce credentials.

Connecting your personal Salesforce account allows you to sync the following information with the data record:

  • Ownership: When you are assigned as the owner of a contact or an account in either Apollo or Salesforce, you are shown as the owner in both places. For more information on ownership, see the "Which Apollo record owner is assigned to a contact or account in Salesforce?" article.
  • Logs: When Apollo logs activity for a contact in Apollo, Salesforce also logs you as the record creator of the corresponding log in Salesforce. This applies to emails, notes, tasks, calls, and meetings/calendar events.

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Team Sync Credentials

Salesforce Team Sync authentication credentials are always applied app-wide for all users. They are used as the primary connection between Apollo and Salesforce.

Salesforce lets you configure many different levels of permissions. It is essential that the login you use for your Team Sync authentication credentials belongs to a Salesforce user with both "read and write" permissions for all of the objects and fields you're syncing to ensure that Apollo can save them successfully.

Admin Connections

Please note, you must first connect a Salesforce account to Apollo before it is available as Salesforce Team Sync authentication credentials. If the chosen superuser doesn't have full admin permissions in Salesforce, the Salesforce integration will not work as expected.

For more information about connecting Team Sync credentials to your Salesforce integration, please see the "Connect 'Team Sync' Authentication Credentials To Your Salesforce Integration" article.

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Salesforce Record Owner

Whether or not you want to authenticate your personal Salesforce credentials, if you have an existing Salesforce account, you should assign it to your account in your Apollo You profile. To update your profile, click Settings and then search for your user name in the Salesforce section on the "General" tab.

My Salesforce Credentials

This allows Apollo to assign all of the contacts, accounts, or activities that you own to your account once you sync with Salesforce. Without this information, Salesforce will use the Salesforce credentials assigned to Team Sync as the record owner.

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