Improve Your Data With API Enrichment

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Enrichment allows you to leverage Apollo's data to improve the accuracy of your contact and account information. You can use the Apollo Enrichment feature through our REST API. Each use of enrichment costs a credit if Apollo locates a valid email address in the database. Please see the Apollo pricing guide for more information.

Saved Records

Please note, Apollo does not save any returned information through the enrichment endpoint within the platform. Any returned information is saved to the external source you use to track or maintain data requests from an Apollo REST endpoint.

Refer to the sections below for instructions on how to enrich information through the Apollo REST API.

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Enrich Records Through the Apollo REST API

Apollo REST API Access

Please note, you must configure access to the Apollo REST API before you can follow the steps below. Refer to the "Configure Access to the Apollo REST API" article for more information.

To use the Apollo REST API via Postman, click + in your Postman workspace to add a new call.

New Call

Copy and paste the link below into the Enter request URL field:

Request URL

Next, click the drop-down and then click Post as your request type.


Request Types

Please note, you can find the request type for Enrichment in the Apollo REST API Documentation. This is the example code from the Enrichment section of the documentation. From here, you can see what the request type for this specific task should be.

Click the Body tab. This allows you to specify the parameters of your call.


Type in the Query Parameters.

Enrichment Endpoint

Please note, the Enrichment endpoint can only return one person from the Apollo database at a time. This means Apollo always shows the single closest match to the information that you pass in; however, if there are multiple matches and none are more relevant than the others, Apollo will randomly choose the match that’s shown in the response.


Query Parameters

For more information about the Query Parameters, please refer to the Apollo REST API Documentation.

Query Parameters


Please note, syntax is critical in defining your Query Parameters.

  • Each call must begin and end with curly brackets. Each bracket must be on its own line.
  • Each parameter in your call must begin and end with quotation marks. After the end quote, you must put a colon.
  • Each line must end with a comma, except for the final line.

Type in your API Key.


Click Send. If you apply the Query Parameters correctly, the Status will display 200 OK.


You can see the results of your "Enrichment" request in the Response field.


You can find the full text of the above Response field here.

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