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A Bit of Beta Makes it Better!

Please note, this feature is currently in Beta. If you do not have access to Apollo Conversations just yet, we haven't forgotten you! Please bear with us while we fine-tune the magic formula.

If you want to access your Zoom call recordings and leverage important meeting insights from within Apollo, you first need to set up the Zoom integration. There are 2 main phases to the setup:

  • Enable the required Zoom admin settings to ensure full functionality when you integrate Zoom with Apollo Conversations
  • Connect your Zoom account to Apollo from within your Apollo instance
Wait—What's This All About?

For more information about Apollo Conversations and the benefits of integrating your account with Zoom, please refer to the "Zoom Integration Overview" article.

Follow the steps below to execute the first phase of the setup and enable the necessary settings within your Zoom account.

Got Admin Superpowers?

Please note, only members with Zoom and Apollo admin access can integrate Zoom with Apollo. If you are not an admin for either account, please share this article with a member of your team that has the necessary permissions to follow the steps below.

Enable Zoom Admin Settings

Before you begin with the setup, click here to preauthorize the installation of the Apollo Zoom app from within the Zoom Marketplace. This gives Apollo the necessary access to record through Zoom so that you can view and analyze your call recordings within Apollo Conversations.

When ready, launch Zoom and click the Account Management drop-down under the Admin section.

Admin Account Management

Click Account Settings.

Account Settings Tab

Then, click Recording.

Recording Tab

Scroll to Cloud Recording and enable the toggle on the right to ensure that every member of your organization can record their calls.

Cloud Recording Toggle

Click the lock icon to save this setting for all users within your company.

Lock Icon

Let's Get Specific!

Please note, if you want to enable group-specific settings, follow the instructions in the "Managing User Groups and Settings" article in the Zoom Knowledge Base.

As you will be able to access all your recordings from Apollo, you may also want to auto-delete cloud recordings in Zoom.

To do so, enable the Auto delete cloud recordings after days toggle and then click the lock icon to save this setting for all users.

Auto Delete Cloud Recordings Setting

Walking on a Cloud of Zoom Knowledge!

For more information about how Cloud Recording works in Zoom, please refer to the "Starting a Cloud Recording" article in the Zoom Knowledge Base.

Then, to ensure you and your team stays compliant when recording calls, scroll to Recording notifications and click the radio button for Show a disclaimer to participants when a recording starts. You can choose to enable this setting for all participants or just for guests.

Show a disclaimer to participants when a recording starts radio button

Read All About It!

For more information on Zoom Recording Notifications, please refer to the "Modifying Recording Notifications" article in the Zoom Knowledge Base. For additional information on how to customize your recording disclaimer with pop-up language and a hyperlink to your privacy policy, please refer to the "Customizing the Recording Consent Disclaimer" article in the Zoom Knowledge Base.

Click the Automatic recording toggle if you want your team to automatically record meetings at the start of each call.

Automatic Recording Toggle

Don't Lock it Down!

Please note, each user in your team can switch the setting on and off at any time. However, be careful with your admin superpowers! If you click the lock icon for this setting, you will disable all recording functionality.

You have now enabled the necessary permissions from the Recordings tab. Next, click the Meetings tab.

Meetings Tab

Click In Meeting Advanced and then click the Allow live streaming of meetings toggle.

Allow live streaming of meetings toggle

Finally, click the checkbox for Custom Live Streaming Service and then click the lock icon to save the setting for all users.

Custom Live Streaming Service Checkbox

No Extra Info Needed

Please note, when you enable the Custom Live Streaming Service checkbox, you do not need to enter any additional information in the text box that appears.

You have now enabled the necessary settings in Zoom.

One More Small Step for the Integration, One Giant Leap for Your Conversations!

Just one more step to go to access important insights from your conversations! To complete the Zoom<>Apollo integration, please follow the information in this article to connect your Zoom account within Apollo.

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