Eliminate Duplicate Contact Records in Apollo

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Brandan Blevins

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When you integrate CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot with Apollo, there are several steps you can take to reduce the risk of duplicating records.

However, if duplicate data is already present, you can reduce those duplicate records using Apollo's data deduplication tool. The tool enables you to set the criteria for what is considered a duplicate record and review the potential duplicates before Apollo merges them. This improves data integrity and ensures that your team can trust the data in Apollo.

Admin Only

Only users with admin permissions in Apollo can use the data deduplication tool. If you do not have access, please contact the Apollo admins in your organization.

Step 1: Set Criteria for Identifying Duplicate Records

Apollo identifies duplicate records based on your criteria. By adjusting the criteria, you increase the likelihood of identifying the duplicates you want to merge.

To set the criteria for data deduplication:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Data enrichment.
  2. Click Configure duplicate detection rules. Set up rules.
  3. In the Matching rules tab, click the checkbox for each rule that you want Apollo to use to identify duplicate records. For example, select Email address if you want contact records with the same email address to be considered potential duplicates.

    Add multiple rules to increase match confidence. If you use multiple rules, click Mark as main to use a rule as the primary criterion for determining the contact record to keep after merging records.

    Then, click Next. Determine how duplicates are identified.
  4. In the Primary record selection tab, drag and drop the prioritization rules to place them in order of importance. Apollo uses these rules to determine which record among duplicates is the primary record, which is the record that remains after the merge. Click Show rule details to review an explanation of each rule.

    With the rules in order, click Configure. Set rules for determining the primary record.

With your rules set, you are ready to merge duplicate records.

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Step 2: Merge Duplicate Records

With your criteria for identifying duplicate records set, you are ready to merge duplicate records in Apollo.

To merge a set of duplicate records:

  1. Click View duplicates. View your duplicate records.
  2. Find a set of contact records that you want to merge, then click View duplicates. Access duplicate records for a contact.
  3. Review the full details for each duplicate contact record. Apollo determines the primary record based on the rules you established in the Step 1 section. If you want to change the primary record, click the trophy for the record you want to make the primary.

    Differences between the duplicate records are highlighted in red. For example, if most duplicate records use the same job title, the records with a different title might be highlighted red. Review the duplicate records
  4. To merge all of the records in a group, click Merge all.

    To merge specific records, click the checkbox for each record you want to merge, then click Merge selected.

    Click Reject selected or Reject all to reject records from being merged. Merge the duplicate records.
  5. Click Confirm merge.

The duplicate contact records are now merged in Apollo. Repeat this process to merge more sets of duplicate records.

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