Import a CSV of Accounts

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Dustin Nathaniel Keys


If you have a list of accounts that you want to use in Apollo, import them as a CSV. You can then find contacts who work at companies on your CSV, enabling you to manage and engage with your accounts directly in Apollo.

Check out the following sections to upload an account CSV.

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Import a CSV of Accounts

1. Format Your CSV

Before you import accounts, format your CSV to include at least 1 of the following columns:

  • Account Name
  • Account Website (Domain)
Sample CSV

Download a sample CSV file that includes the columns.

If possible, include both columns in your CSV. These columns improve the import process.

Column Care

If your CSV includes a column with multi-select options, each value in a cell should be separated by a semicolon (;).

Special CSV Column Circumstances

If your CSV includes values that should be mapped to a checkbox in Apollo, enter True for checked and False for unchecked.

Avoid uploading CSV files with more than 10,000 rows. Instead, split large CSVs into separate, smaller files.

With your CSV formatted, you're ready to import accounts.

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2. Upload Your CSV

To upload a CSV of accounts:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Search > Companies.
  2. Click Import > Bulk import from CSV.

The bulk import from CSV button is highlighted

  1. Click Select CSV File under Import accounts. Choose a CSV file to upload.

The Select CSV File button is highlighted

  1. Next, map your CSV column headers to the corresponding Apollo fields.

The Select CSV File button is highlighted

  1. Configure settings for the imported accounts:
    • What stage would you like to set the accounts to: Select the contact stage that best represents the engagement status for all of the accounts in the CSV. Select Use stage from CSV to set the stage for each account directly from your CSV file.
    • If account already exists: Select whether to update or skip the record if the contact already exists.
    • If the owner value is missing in your CSV, assign owner to: Select a user that should own the imported records in Apollo.
    • If existing accounts already have owner: Select what happens if records in your CSV already have an owner in Apollo. If you select Update Ownership, Apollo will assign the user that you selected in If the owner value is missing in your CSV, assign owner to.
    • Add to a List: Enter the name of a new list or select an existing list. This step is optional.
    • Intelligent Enrichment: Choose whether to intelligently enrich websites or locations.
Account Stage Matters

Set the correct account stage on your upload. This enables you to efficiently message accounts once they're in a sequence.

The CSV upload settings are highlighted

  1. When finished, click Import.

Your upload will begin. To check the status of your upload, click Settings > Imports & Exports > Account Imports.

Time to Launch

Most uploads finish in a few minutes, but large CSVs can take a few hours.

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Find Contacts from Imported Accounts

Once you upload a file of accounts, use Apollo to find contacts who work at the associated companies.

To find contacts from imported accounts:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Search > Companies.
  2. Click Filters > More Filters.

The More Filters button is highlighted

  1. Click Account CSV Import, then select the file name of your CSV. Click Apply Filters.
Filter Features

Learn more about the account CSV import filter.

CSV Files

  1. Use the checkboxes to select the companies where you want to find prospects. Then, click Find People.

The find people button is highlighted with several companies checked

  1. Apollo shows contacts associated with the selected companies. Use more search filters to narrow your search.

Search filters are highlighted on a list of contacts

  1. You're ready to engage the new prospects. Click the checkbox for each contact you want engage, then add them to a list, add them to a sequence, or dial them.

Engagement actions on search page

Engage and Win

Check out Apollo Academy's free course How to Find Leads and Book Meetings to learn how to build targeted lists and add them to sequences.

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