Set Up and Use the Slack-Apollo Integration

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Brandan Blevins


With plays in Apollo, you can automate fundamental steps in your sales workflow, including adding or removing contacts from a sequence or list, scheduling tasks for your reps, and updating contact job changes.

You can also configure notifications to remind you when you need to take manual actions. If you utilize the Slack-Apollo integration, you can send those notifications directly to your Slack workspace, enabling you and your team to instantly know when a play is ready to work.

The following sections detail how to set up the Slack integration and how to add Slack notifications to your plays.

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Connect Slack to Apollo (Admins Only)

Set Up Needs Admin

Only Apollo admins can access the settings page that is required to set up the Slack integration. If you do not have the required access, please contact the Apollo admins at your organization for help.

Once Slack is connected, any user can receive notifications.

To set up the Slack-Apollo integration:

  1. Launch Apollo and click SettingsIntegrations.
  2. Click Connect for the Slack integration. Connect to Slack.
  3. If you are not already signed into a Slack workspace, you need to provide your Slack credentials. Then, review the permissions for the integration and click Allow. Give permission to access your Slack workspace.
  4. You will be returned to Apollo. The integration tile shows the connected Slack workspace. Slack is connected.

Slack will show the app in the Apps section of the workspace you connected. When a notification is triggered, Apollo will send it to the Messages section of the app in Slack.

Find Apollo in Slack.

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Add Slack Notifications for Plays

If you have never created a play in Apollo, please refer to Create a Play for more information. Slack notifications are only added during the Then portion of the play set-up process.

To add a Slack notification to a play in Apollo:

  1. In the Then section of your play, click Add action. Then, click Send alert via Slack. Add a Slack notification.
  2. Toggle on the Slack notification channel. If you have not added the app to Slack previously, you will be asked to sign in to your Slack account. Turn on Slack notification.
  3. (Optional) By default, you receive Slack notifications via the app in Slack, but you can also direct notifications to public Slack channels. To do so, click Configure channels. Then, choose a Slack channel from the Send to drop-down and click Save. Choose a Slack channel.
  4. Select a call-to-action, then decide which users at your company will be able to view the Slack notification. Click Continue to save your notification. Configure your Slack notification.

You have now added a Slack notification for your play. Proceed with configuring your play and save the changes.

Confirm the notification is added.

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Receive Conversation Summaries

As part of recording video conversations, Apollo provides an AI-generated summary of the call, including the outcome of the call and any next steps that you should take.

When you connect Slack to Apollo, you receive notifications in Slack that include the outcome of the call summary and a link to view the full summary. These notifications are only triggered when you are the meeting host.

To receive these notifications, you only need to connect Apollo to Slack. No additional setup process is required. The notifications appear in the app in Slack.

View a call summary in Slack.

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