Record and Leave Voicemail Drops

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Brandan Blevins


In a successful cold-calling campaign, you should always leave a voicemail when a contact doesn't answer your call. However, you don't want to spend valuable time repeatedly recording the same messages, and compromising on quality as you reach hundreds of dials in a day.

Instead, record a standard set of voicemails in Apollo to make your outreach more efficient and effective. Then, drop the recordings at the end of your voice calls when there is no response. Instead of recording 100 voicemails a day at 30 seconds each, use that time for other high-impact activities while improving the quality of your voicemails.

The following sections show how to record your voicemail drops and use them when dialing with Apollo.

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Record Voicemail Drops

Before recording voicemail drops, take time to script your voicemails in the same way you would script your calls. Well-scripted voicemails provide a high-quality touch in the sales process and lead to more callbacks from contacts.

To record a voicemail drop:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Settings > Voice.
  2. Click New voicemail drop. Add a voicemail drop.
  3. Name your voicemail. Then, if you prefer to record the voicemail drop in Apollo, click Start Recording. Record your voicemail drop.
  4. Click Upload to use an existing audio recording. Then, upload the file. The audio file must be less than 5 MB in size and the format must be either .wav or .wav-x. Upload an audio file.
  5. Once Apollo has processed your recording, click the play icon to review it. If you aren't satisfied with the voicemail, click the trash can icon and try again. Listen to your recording.
  6. Click the Mark as default checkbox to make the voicemail your default recording. If you record multiple voicemail drops, the default voicemail will be used unless you manually choose another another recording when you leave a voicemail. Make the recording your default voicemail.
  7. Click Save.
  8. To add more recordings, click Create new voicemail and repeat these steps. Record more voicemail drops.
  9. When you've finished adding voicemail drops, click Save Changes. Save your changes.

Now, you are ready to use your recorded voicemail drops when dialing prospects.

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Use Voicemail Drops

To end a call in Apollo with a voicemail drop, click the voicemail icon on the dialer. Use your default recording or choose a different recording from the Voicemail drop-down. Then, click Leave voicemail and hang up.

Save your changes.

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Edit or Delete Voicemail Drops

If you want to edit or delete a voicemail recording:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Settings > Voice.
  2. Find the voicemail drop you want to change, then click ... > Edit to replace the recording or change its status to default.

    To remove the voicemail drop entirely, click ... > Delete. Edit or delete your voicemail drop.

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