Use Case: Auto-fill Web Forms Using Apollo's Data

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Brandan Blevins


Web forms help you capture information from prospects. However, some prospects can be reluctant to submit lengthy forms or provide accurate information about themselves. When you use Apollo's data, you can auto-fill web form entries based on prospects' email addresses.

The following sections detail the form enrichment options that Apollo provides and how you can enable them.

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Understand Form Enrichment Options and Benefits

Apollo provides 2 options to enrich your web forms:

  • Auto-fill: Apollo automatically enriches web form fields based on a prospect's email address.
  • Form shortening: Apollo hides auto-filled fields from prospects to effectively shorten the web form. Enabling this option increases the likelihood that a prospect will finish submitting your form, but also removes their ability to edit the auto-filled answers.

Enable form enrichment.

When enabled, form enrichment and form shortening can deliver several benefits to your team, including:

  • Increased form submissions: Prospects are more likely to submit web forms when they have to answer fewer questions. When an email address matches Apollo's contact data, Apollo automatically supplies relevant data for the contact such as company name, size, and location. You can also choose to hide auto-filled fields entirely, which streamlines form completion.
  • More info about prospects: Apollo still auto-fills entries for questions that you mark as optional. This means you can make more questions optional to reduce friction for the prospect, while still collecting valuable information.
  • More accurate data: When you rely on Apollo to enrich your form fields, you can avoid inaccuracies, reduce human errors, and ensure you collect up-to-date, accurate data for each prospect.

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Live Example: Try Web Form Enrichment

Want to see Apollo's form enrichment in action? Enter an email address for a known contact in the Email field and see whether Apollo auto-fills the Name and Company Name fields.

See the Pen Apollo Web Form Enrichment by Brandan Blevins (@Brandan-Blevins) on CodePen.

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Enable Form Enrichment

Admins Only!

Only Apollo admins can enable form enrichment capabilities.

To use form enrichment, you need to already have Apollo meetings set up. It's also good to have some familiarity with inbound routers. If you're comfortable with meetings and inbound routers, proceed with the steps in this section.

If you haven't set up meetings and need further guidance, hop into Apollo Meetings Overview to get started.

To enable form enrichment for your web forms:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Meetings.
  2. Either create a new inbound router, or share an existing inbound router.
  3. When Apollo presents the link to share your intake form, click the Integrate with your website form tab.
  4. Complete the following:
  • Add the domains where you host your web form.
  • Toggle on the form enrichment options.
  • Map the fields in your Apollo intake form to your web form. The web form field names must match the field names in your code. If there is an emailaddress field in the code of your web form, enter that full field name, not email.
  1. Copy the JavaScript code snippet that Apollo generates. Add the JS snippet to your website, and use window.ApolloMeetings.submit() to pass your web form submissions to Apollo.

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Learn More About Integrating Web Forms

Ready to integrate your web forms with Apollo? Check out Integrate Your Web Forms with Meetings for an end-to-end walkthrough.

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