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Set Up Your Signature After Connecting a Mailbox

As a best practice, you should set up your email signature after you have connected a mailbox to your Apollo account. Apollo automatically copies over the signature from your email account when you add it to the platform. If you add a signature to your account before you connect a mailbox, Apollo will not replace it with a signature found in the settings for the mailbox you connect later.

You can set up a unique signature for each mailbox that you link in Apollo.

Multi-Signature Priority

Please note, If you configure a signature in both Apollo and your connected email account, Apollo will use the signature that you add in the application to all emails sent through an Apollo sequence.

Emails sent directly from your connected mailbox outside of Apollo will not include your Apollo email signature. They will include the email signature that you have configured in your email account's settings. 

Follow the steps below to set up your email signature.

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Set Up Your Email Signature

Click Settings.


Click Mailboxes.


Click the mailbox you want to configure.


Type your signature as you would like it appear in the "Email Signature" text box. The formatting options at the bottom of the text box allow you to use rich-text formatting options, include links, add images, and format the signature using raw HTML.

Personalize Your Signature

SPAM Filters and Links

As a best practice, you should avoid including links in your signature because they may trigger SPAM filters for new contacts that you have not emailed before.

You can also re-pull your email signature directly from Gmail if your mailbox is provided by Google.

Re-Pull Your Signature From Gmail

When you're finished, click Save.


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