Connect "Team Sync" Authentication Credentials To Your Salesforce Integration

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Salesforce Team Sync authentication credentials are always applied app-wide for all users. They are used as the primary connection between Apollo and Salesforce.

Salesforce lets you configure many different levels of permissions. It is essential that the login you use for your Team Sync authentication credentials belongs to a Salesforce user with both "read and write" permissions for all of the objects and fields you're syncing to ensure that Apollo can save them successfully.

Let's Go Play In the Sandbox!

Please note, it is possible to connect Apollo to your Salesforce sandbox account, but you must click this link to do so. As a best practice, we recommend that you create a new or separate Apollo instance to connect your sandbox. Then, once you're ready to link your actual Salesforce account to Apollo, you can do so in your regular Apollo instance. This allows you to experiment with your sandbox first without risking any conflicts or duplicates of the data that is synced between Salesforce and your regular instance.

Refer to the section below for instructions on how to add Salesforce Team Sync authentication credentials to your Apollo account.

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Add a Team Sync User

Launch Apollo and click Settings.


Click Integrations in the "Configurations" section.


Click View in the Salesforce integration section.

View Salesforce Integration

Click Edit in the Salesforce Authentication Settings section.

Salesforce Authentication Settings

Click the drop-down in the Team Sync Credentials section and select the connected user with the highest level of Salesforce admin permissions.

Team Sync Credentials

Click Save to confirm your change.


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