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Conversations gives you easy access to your team's call recordings within Apollo. You can effectively filter, playback, share, and comment on calls. You can also view and download high-accuracy transcripts and leverage meeting insights to better coach your team and increase call conversions.

Refer to the sections below for more information about how to view your call recordings, use the conversations filters, view call participants, access call transcripts, play back calls, and tap into meeting insights.

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View and Filter Your Conversations

Zoom Your Way Through These Steps First

Before you can access your conversations in Apollo, you need to follow the instructions in the "Set Up Apollo Conversations" article first. Then when you are ready, hop back into this article and follow the steps below. We'll be waiting for you—in a friendly, non-creepy kind of way!

Launch Apollo, click Engage, and then click Conversations.

Conversations Tab

From this page, you can view all the calls you and your team have recorded since connecting your account with Apollo.

Zoom Recordings from Conversations Tab

Living Life in the Present

Please note, when you finish the setup process, Apollo starts to pull all new calls that your team records after you connect Apollo with your communications platform. Apollo does not display the previous conversations you recorded before you integrated the two platforms. When you finish hosting a new meeting, bear with us—Apollo needs a moment to process and upload a recording post-meeting. You'll see new recordings in Apollo as soon as we finish working our magic!

Click the Sort by drop-down to select the default order in which you want to view your team's call recordings. Then, click Apply to save any changes you make.

Sort By Drop-Down

Your Home, Your Rules

Please note, the Sort by settings in Apollo conversations are user-specific. This means that any changes you make will only reflect on your end. You can adapt your view according to your preferences without affecting your teammates.

Browse through all the recordings, or apply the filters on the left-hand side of your screen to find specific calls.

Conversation Filters

If you cannot see the filters, click the Filters icon to expand the section.

Filters Icon on Conversations Page

There are 7 types of filters available. Refer to the "Conversations Filters" section below for more information about each one. When you apply a filter, Apollo displays the results on the right-hand side of your screen.

Filtered Recordings Example

Click the recording title to access the conversation insights.

Recording Title

To delete a call recording from Apollo conversations, click the Additional Options (...) button next to a call recording and then click Delete Conversation.

Delete Icon Next to a Recording

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Conversations Filters


You can use keywords to search for a call recording.

Enter any keywords from the meeting title into the Search bar and click enter to load all related calls.

Title Search Bar in Filters


You can search for the call recordings that a specific user hosted or attended.

Click the User drop-down. Then, type the Apollo user's name or click the Specify Owner drop-down to find all the recordings from a specific user. You can select as many users as you like.

User Drop-Down in Filters

Once you have specified the owner(s), click the Host or Participant checkboxes to filter more granularly for users that have attended or held the meeting.

Host and participant checkboxes


You can search for the calls that specific contacts have attended.

Click the Contact drop-down. Then, type in a contact name or click the Select drop-down and choose the contact(s) by whom you want to filter. You can select multiple contacts if you like.

User Drop-Down in Filters


You can search for the recordings that took place within a specific period. For example, calls your team has hosted within the last 2 months.

Click the Date drop-down. Then, click the From and To fields to select the date or timeframe by which you want to filter your call recordings.

Date Drop-Down in Filters


You can search for the recordings that last a specific amount of time. For example, calls that are between 15 and 30 minutes long.

Click the Duration drop-down. Then, add the minimum and maximum call length by which you want to filter your call recordings.

Duration Drop-Down in Filters


You can search for the recordings that a specific company attended.

Click the Company drop-down. Then, type in a company name or click the drop-down and choose the company by which you want to filter. You can select multiple companies if you want to.

Company Drop-Down in Filters


You can search for recordings with participants in a particular account or contact stage.

Click the Stage drop-down. Then, click the Accounts or Contacts tab and select the checkboxes for the stages by which you want to filter.

Stage Drop-Down in Filters

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Access Conversation Insights

Now that you have applied filters to find your conversations in Apollo, click a recording title to access your call insights.

Recording Title

There are 4 tabs on the left that you can access within a recording:

  • Call Details
  • Summary
  • Key Topics
  • Comments

Call Details

This includes a breakdown of the participants, including links to the contacts and accounts that joined the call.

Call details tab

You can view the account name, stage, and ARR. You can also see the names and titles of the participating contacts that work for the respective account.

Participant Data on the Right of the Recording

To access more detailed insights, click the account or contact name(s) and view their full profile(s) in Apollo.

Account and Contact Names on the Right of the Recording

Apollo displays any participants with unidentifiable account or contact data under the Others drop-down.

Other Drop-Down

To close the summary of participant data for an account, click the drop-down arrow on the right.

Example of Closed Account Drop-Down

Click the X to close the insights panel.

X button to close insights

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This includes a call summary with the outcome, next steps, and pain points from the call.

Summary tab

Click Show more to view the AI-generated outcome summary in full. You can also click the text to copy it to your clipboard.

Outcome section in the summary tab

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

The outcome summary is AI-generated. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Click the thumbs up or thumbs down icon to let us know how accurate the summary is. The more feedback you share now, the better our insights will become. Feedback icons

You can also see the next steps for each company and the objections and pain points from each participant throughout the call. To access the insights, click the arrow next to the company or participant for whom you want to view the insights.

Call summary tab

Then, review the notes and click the text to copy them to your clipboard.

Copy text

If you are the meeting host, you can also send a follow-up email directly from the summary.

Follow-up email

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Key Topics

This includes a summary of the action items, key questions asked, and any keywords you're tracking that were mentioned throughout the call.

Key topics tab

Click the arrow next to a company to access the action items or questions that members of that company asked within the call.

Questions accordion

Click a snippet to jump to the specific point in the call and transcript where the participant asked the question.

Questions found modal

To view any keywords mentioned, click the arrow next to a tracker.

Trackers accordion

Then, scroll through the call snippets. Click one to jump to the specific point in the call and transcript where the participant mentioned the keyword.

Tracker call snippet

If you are an admin and want to edit your trackers, click the settings cog on the right.

Trackers settings cog

Tracking Down the Info

Trackers are sets of keywords that Apollo detects in your recordings to help you identify and surface the most important parts of each call. Need a helping hand creating or editing your trackers to tailor them to your business workflow? Hop into the Add Trackers section of the "Set Up Conversations in Apollo" article for the steps to take.

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This includes any comments you or your team may have about the call or specific sections of it.

Comments tab

Click Comment to type a message.

Comment button

You can CC team members in the message, set who views the comments, and add emojis.

Comment box

If you want to comment about a specific time stamp within the call, use the slider on the right to locate the spot you want and click the Comment at checkbox.

Comment at the time stamp checkbox

Click Comment to send the message.

Comment button

You have now accessed the 4 insights tabs from a call recording.

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Play Back Your Calls

Click the Play icon to watch the call recording.

Play Icon

Click the Fast Forward or Rewind icons to skip forward or back by 15 seconds.

Fast Forward and Rewind Icons

Click Hide transcripts if you do not want to view it while you play the recording.

Hide transcript button

Hover your mouse over the Speaker icon and use the audio bar to adjust the volume.

Speaker Icon

Click the Full-screen icon to view the video in full-screen mode.

Full-Screen Icon

You have now accessed the playback features for a call recording in Apollo.

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View Participant Activity

Below the recording, you can access a summary of the participants' activity throughout the call.

Call Participant Section of the Screen

From here, Apollo displays the specific moments when a participant spoke during the call. Click a section of a participant's activity bar. Then, click the Play icon to play back that moment.

Participant Activity Bar

Apollo also displays the percentage of the call in which the participant was speaking.

Speaker Percentage

Click the Listening to drop-down and then click a participant's checkbox to disable their activity bar.

Listening To Drop-Down

There's Always One!

Please note, by default, Apollo selects all participants. You can use the checkboxes to enable or disable a participant's activity at any time. However, you must enable at least one participant at the very minimum.

If Apollo cannot identify a participant who has taken an active role in the call, Apollo will display the activity bar under the Unknown Participants section.

Unknown Participants

Detecting Improvement

Please note, the Apollo participant detection logic is constantly evolving, and keen to learn! As it continues to improve, you should start to see a reduction in the number of unknown participants and an increase in the number of known participants.

You can check the Others drop-down to see if Apollo could identify the participant from there.

Others Drop-Down

Alternatively, click a section of the Unknown Participant activity bar. Then, press the Play icon to identify the contact within the call.

Play Unknown Participant

You Have to Speak to Be Heard

Please note, Apollo only generates insights for participants that speak for at least 10% of the overall call recording.

Apollo also displays the specific moments when participants shared their screens throughout the call. Click a section of the Screen Share activity bar and then click the Play icon to view the screen and play that specific moment in the call.

Screen Share Activity Bar

Share the Call with Others

To leave a comment, click the speech bubble icon. For more info on comments, refer to this section above.

Comments icon

Click the Scissors icon and then drag and drop the yellow bars to select the clip that you want to share with others.

Scissors icon

You can share the call externally with anyone or internally with your team.

Share drop-down

To share it internally, select the users to whom you want to send the clip, set an expiration date, and then click Share.

Share conversation internally modal

To share it externally, set the link settings and expiration date, select the contacts to whom you want to send the clip, add a message, and then click Share.

Share conversation with anyone modal

Share the Whole Shebang!

Call too good to cut? Don't let the scissors hold you back! Unclick the checkbox and share the entire call. Share selected clip checkbox

Apollo then emails the users or participants with the clip you shared.

Email with call clip

Sharing is caring!

There's another way to share an entire call. Click the Share call drop-down on the top right of your screen, and voila—no scissors involved. Share call drop-down

You have now accessed the participant activity from a call recording.

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Set Your Privacy Settings

If you are the meeting host, you can set the privacy level of a recording. Click the Share Call drop-down and then click Privacy Settings.

Privacy settings drop-down

Click Restricted if you only want internal participants and those with a shared link to access the call recording.

Privacy settings drop-down

If you want to set the privacy of all meetings you host, click Settings and scroll down to the Conversations section. Then, click the Enable Private Conversations toggle.

Enable private conversations toggle

You can activate the privacy settings for past and/or future calls. Click the radio button next to your preferred option and then click Done.

Past and future recordings radio button

You have now set your privacy settings in Apollo for individual recordings or all conversations you host.

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Access Call Transcripts

On the right of the call recording, Apollo displays the call transcript.

Transcript Tab

You can type keywords into the Search transcript bar and press enter to view all the moments when participants spoke those particular words.

Example Keywords in Search Transcript Bar

You can also scroll through the transcript and click the text to jump to that specific point in the call.


If you are listening to a call while browsing through the transcript, click Sync back to time to return to the specific point at which the speaker is talking.

Sync Back to Time Button

You have now accessed the transcript of a call recording.

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Access Conversations Analytics

Launch Apollo, click Engage, then click Conversations.

Click the Analytics tab to view your team's activity and interaction analytics.

Analytics tab in conversations

Click the Timeframe drop-down and select the period or dates in which you want to view your team's data.

Timeframe drop-down

Click the Users drop-down to select the specific teams for whom you want to view the data. To deselect individuals within a team, click the Arrow icon and then click the checkbox next to the user's name.

Users drop-down

From the Activity tab, you can view the average:

  • Total and weekly call volume.
  • Call duration.
  • Total and weekly time spent on calls.

From the Interaction tab, you can view the average:

  • Talk ratio: The average time a user spoke across all calls during the selected period.
  • Longest customer story: The duration of the longest customer monologue.
  • Patience: The average amount of time between a customer talking and a team member taking over.
  • Question Rate: The number of questions a team member asks per hour of conversation.

Click on an activity or interaction to view a bar chart breakdown of the results per user.

Bar chart breakdown

You have now accessed analytics in the Apollo Conversations tool.

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