How to Do Social Selling with Apollo

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What you post and how you present yourself on platforms like LinkedIn, affect the likelihood of your prospects responding. Ultimately, people buy from people they trust. The right, regular interaction on social networks and visible social proof help you build that trust.

LinkedIn is uniquely suited for B2B lead generation. With over 930 million people on the platform—hundreds of millions of which play a role in decision-making—there is ample opportunity to use social selling to build and maintain long-standing relationships with your ideal prospects.

Check out the following sections to learn how to get started with social selling in Apollo.

Social Selling by the Book!

Want to uncover industry-leading social selling tips, tricks, and best practices? Hop into Chapter 5 of our shiny new book, Outbound Sales, to learn:

  • How to build your top-of-funnel by posting high-value content.
  • The best practices for post and activity engagement.
  • The best strategies for LinkedIn messages.
  • How to snowball these relationships offline.

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How to Use Apollo for Social Selling on LinkedIn: A Checklist

To meaningfully engage with prospects on LinkedIn, you first need to understand them and know why, when, and how to reach out. Combine LinkedIn with Apollo to:

  • Automate tasks and save time prospecting, while maintaining a personalized approach.
  • Visualize and keep track of all your touchpoints with a prospect, across multiple channels, from within Apollo.
  • Remain strategic and establish a process for when and how to reach out on LinkedIn.

Follow this 2-step social selling checklist to streamline and automate your LinkedIn tasks, and spark meaningful conversations with your most qualified prospects.

Step 1: Prospect on LinkedIn

Begin by leveraging the Apollo Chrome extension to make social prospecting feasible on LinkedIn, at scale.

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Follow these simple steps to lay the foundations for effective prospecting and engagement on LinkedIn:

With verified Apollo data and engagement tools embedded into your LinkedIn browser tab, you can now:

Learn more about the Apollo Chrome extension.

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Step 2: Create and Automate LinkedIn Tasks

Now that you've leveraged the Chrome extension to prospect more effectively on LinkedIn at scale, it's time to automate your LinkedIn engagement workflow with Apollo:

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Next Steps: Run Multichannel Outreach Sequences

There's More!

Social selling is just 1 part of the magic sales potion! Now that you've learned how to use Apollo to social sell effectively, hop into checklist #6 to start running multichannel outreach sequences in Apollo.

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