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A Little Bit of Beta Makes it Better!

Please note, this feature is currently in Beta. If you do not currently see the option to automate your LinkedIn tasks in the Apollo Chrome extension, please bear with us while we fine-tune the magic formula.

If you use LinkedIn to find and engage with your ideal prospects or candidates in a personalized way, you can leverage Apollo automation to increase the efficiency of your workflow while keeping your engagement personal as you scale.

Refer to the section below to find out how to automate LinkedIn tasks with the Apollo Chrome extension.

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Lay the Foundations

Before you can automate your tasks on LinkedIn, there are several steps you need to take first:

  • Download the Apollo Chrome Extension.
No Chrome Extension, No LinkedIn Automation

If you haven't set up the Apollo Chrome Extension in Apollo yet and aren't sure where to begin, review the "Apollo Chrome Extension Overview" article for an introduction to all things extension!

  • Create a sequence for your LinkedIn or multi-channel engagement strategy.
Apollo Sequences in a Nutshell!

If you haven't created any sequences in Apollo yet and need a helping hand, review the "Sequences Overview" article for an introduction to Apollo sequences. Then, follow the steps in the "Create a Sequence" article to add the steps of your engagement strategy.

  • Enroll a list of contacts into the sequence.
Wait—How Do I Do That?

For more information about how to add contacts to a sequence, please refer to the "Add Contacts to a Sequence" article.

Now that you have a sequence at the ready and have selected your chosen contacts, you can start to automate your LinkedIn tasks.

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Automate Your LinkedIn Tasks

Launch LinkedIn and navigate to a contact or account's profile page. Then, click the Apollo Chrome Extension widget on the right side of your screen.

Apollo's LinkedIn profile page

Click the Tasks tab.

Tasks tab in the extension

You can view a summary of the pending tasks in the pipeline from this tab.

Tasks in the extension

To automate the tasks in bulk, click Execute Tasks.

Execute tasks

To select specific contacts, click the checkboxes on the left of every task that you want to execute. Then, click Execute Selected Tasks.

Task checkboxes in the extension

Apollo automatically starts executing all the selected tasks one after another.

Tasks queue modal

When Apollo has successfully executed a task, you will see a green tick icon in the tasks queue modal next to the contact's name.

Green tick in tasks queue modal

The World is Your Oyster!

Please note, you can view and execute the tasks for multiple sequences at a time from within the Apollo Chrome Extension. However, you can only automatically enroll up to 25 contacts at once. If you want to execute the tasks for more contacts than this, you need to refresh the page when you have finished with the first 25 tasks. Then, click Execute Tasks to carry out the next set of tasks pending.

If Apollo encounters a problem executing a task for a specific contact, you will see an error icon in the tasks queue modal next to the contact's name.

Error icon in tasks queue modal

There are 3 main reasons why you may see an error icon in the tasks queue modal:

  • You have attempted to execute a send message task before the contact has accepted your LinkedIn request. Apollo can only execute send message tasks on contacts that are already part of your LinkedIn network. If you see this error, try executing the task at a later date once the contact has accepted your request to connect.
  • You have tried to execute a manual LinkedIn task. Apollo can only automate the send connection request and send message tasks. For the view profile and interact with post tasks you need to perform the task manually and then mark it as complete.
  • You use Sales Navigator. Unfortunately, Apollo's LinkedIn automation does not currently support automation for "send message" tasks if you have an active Sales Navigator subscription.
Take it Step by Step

For more detailed information about the types of steps available in a sequence, refer to the Available Steps in a Sequence section of the "Sequences Overview" article.

You have now automated your LinkedIn tasks using the Apollo Chrome extension.

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