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With the Apollo Chrome extension installed, you can search for and request details about prospects from LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or directly from the Apollo database. View detailed information about a chosen company or contact, build detailed lists for use in Apollo sequences, view insights about a company, or view a contact's colleagues. These details help you find the right prospects to engage and grow your business.

Stay Compliant

Apollo does not currently apply GDPR safeguard controls to EU or UK contacts from the Apollo Chrome Extension. As a result, Apollo strongly recommends that you use caution and double-check a prospect's location on LinkedIn when prospecting contacts from the extension. Make sure you stay GDPR compliant before you enroll them in your multichannel outreach strategy.

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Research an Individual Prospect

To research a prospect in LinkedIn using the Chrome extension:

  1. Go to a user's profile on LinkedIn. Then, click the Apollo icon on the right side to launch the Chrome extension. Launch the Chrome extension.
  2. (Recommended) Access the other tabs in the Chrome extension to uncover more information about the prospect and their company. For example, the Insights tab shows signals related to the company, along with information about the company's technologies, hiring trends, and funding rounds. Access the extension tabs for more information.
  3. Go back to the Prospect tab. If you want to save the prospect's profile to your Apollo account, click Save Contact to access their email address. This costs one credit. You can also use credits to view the prospect's phone numbers. Save the prospect.
Verified Emails and Mobile Numbers

Apollo charges 1 credit each to enrich a contact with a verified email address or mobile phone number. If you are an Apollo admin and want to track how many credits your team has used, launch Apollo and click Settings > Credit Usage.

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Find Bulk Prospects

To find several prospects in LinkedIn using the Chrome extension:

  1. Go to a company's profile on LinkedIn. Then, click the People tab. Open the people tab.
  2. Click Select All to select all of the contacts now listed in the Chrome extension. Select all the prospects.
  3. Click Net New to select only the contacts that you have not yet saved to Apollo. Select only net new prospects.
  4. The Chrome extension also adds a toolbar to the People you may know section of the company's people page. The toolbar enables you to:
    • Batch select all prospects or net new prospects.
    • Save prospects to Apollo.
    • Email prospects.
    • Export prospects.
    • Add prospects to a list in Apollo
    Use the extension toolbar in LinkedIn.

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