Download and Install the Apollo Chrome Extension

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Install the Apollo Chrome Extension

To download and install the Apollo Chrome Extension, open a new Chrome browser tab and navigate to the Chrome Webstore.

Click “Add to Chrome.”

Add to Chrome

In the new modal, click “Add Extension.”

Add to Chrome

The Apollo Chrome extension is now installed.

Installation Complete

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Log the Extension In To Apollo

Already Logged In?

Please note, if you are logged-in to Apollo in another Chrome Tab, you're automatically logged in to that account the Apollo Chrome Extension.

Launch the Apollo Chrome extension from your Chrome browser.

Open Extension

Log into the extension with the same email and password that you use to log into the Apollo application. If you normally log into Apollo with Google SSO, click the "Log in with Google" button.

Log In

You are now ready to use the Apollo Chrome extension with your Apollo account.

Successfully Authenticated

Refresh Your Tabs!

Please note, if you log into the Apollo Chrome extension with an account that is different from the one you have open in other Chrome tabs, you will need to refresh those tabs.

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