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Personas are filters comprised of sets of titles, departments, and attributes that define different groups of people that you can target in a search. Use personas to quickly target contacts that meet your ideal customer profile.

Refer to the section below to learn how to create a persona and use advanced filters.

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Create a Persona

  1. To create a persona, launch Apollo and click Search.
  2. Expand the Personas filter on the left and click + Persona. On the search page, the + Persona button is highlighted
  3. Give your persona a name, and use filters like job title, industry, location, or number of employees to narrow your search.
    A Wide Net

    Use multiple versions of a job title to improve your results. For example, if you search for a Chief Marketing Officer, include the job titles "Chief Marketing Officer" and "CMO" to catch more contacts.

    On the new persona page, filters are set to technical directors in animation in the Los Angeles area, and the Save Persona button is highlighted

  4. As you select each persona attribute, Apollo filters the results on the right. You can browse through the results and click on a specific contact to take a closer look at their profile.

  5. When finished, click Save Persona.

Once complete, Apollo applies the persona filter to your search results.

A persona named Technical directors in LA is shown applied to search results

Use the persona in combination with other filters to narrow your search when prospecting in Apollo, and edit, deactivate, or delete personas as needed.

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Advanced Filters for Personas

You can use advanced filters on personas for more granular control over your search results. You can create personas with filters to exclude certain job titles, filter by departments, or search for industry-specific keywords.

Example advanced filters are highlighted on the new persona page

Less is More

Only add filters that are vital to your ideal persona. The more specific your persona, the fewer contact results you’re likely to see. For instance, if you use a very specific job title, you may want to avoid additional filters. Learn more about using search filters successfully.

Filter Usage
Is not any of Restrict job titles or industries from appearing in your results. For example, filter out “Junior” or “Jr” to target individuals with more seniority.
Include past job titles Include contacts who previously had the job title.
Boolean search Use Boolean operators like AND, OR, and NOT to target exact results.
Is known Target contacts whose job title is known.
Is unknown Target contacts whose job title is unknown.
Management level Target by seniority like owners, managers, or interns.
Departments and job function Find contacts from specific departments or job functions, like finance or marketing.
Industry Find contacts from specific industries like animation or hospitality.
Company keywords Find contacts with industry-specific keywords associated with the company's name, social media, or SEO descriptions.
Location Target contacts by city, state, country, or zipcode.
# Employees Find contacts by the number of employees at the company.

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