Search Filters Overview

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Filters enable you to include or exclude specific subsets of data when you search for new contacts or accounts in Apollo. This helps you to better segment and personalize searches so that you can find and engage with the right contacts at the right time.

Refer to the following sections to learn how to use search filters and information on the different filter categories.

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Access Search Filters

Companies vs. People Filters

The steps to access search filters are the same for both people and companies. However, there are some slight differences between the available filters on each page.

To access the search filters:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Search > People or Companies.
  2. By default, the most popular filters are pinned to the left side. To change the filters that display in this area, refer to the Adjust Your Pinned Filters section. Access pinned filters.
  3. To enable a filter, click the filter to expand it, then select the appropriate fields. As you enable a field, the filtered records display on the right. Use a search filter.
  4. To access all of the search filters, click More Filters. View all search filters.

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Understand Filter Categories

Apollo makes dozens of search filters available to you. These filters are grouped into the following categories. To find more information about how to access and use the filters in each group, click the links in the filter categories column.

Filter Categories Description
Person Info Filters related to the individual contacts that you want to target. These include names, job titles, and contact locations.
Company Info Filters related to the specific accounts that you want to target. These include industries, number of employees, revenue, and company names.
Engagement Activity Filters related to the outreach and activity of your contacts and accounts. These include sequences, last activity, email opened, and email clicked.
Conversation Filters related to conversation recordings and tracked keywords for contacts.
Created Source Filters related to date and origin of your contacts and accounts. These include sources, contact created dated, and CSV import origins.
Miscellaneous Filters related to the additional fields that don't fall under a specific category. These include email status/confidence, contact Salesforce view, and parent accounts.
Check Your Apollo Plan

The availability of certain search filters is based on your Apollo plan. Please refer to Apollo's pricing page for more information.

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Adjust Your Pinned Filters

By default, Apollo shows the most popular filters on the search page. However, if you use other filters more frequently, you can change the filters that display and their order.

To adjust the filters on the search page:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Search > People or Companies.
  2. Click More Filters. Access all filters.
  3. To pin a filter to the search page, hover on the filter, then click the gray pin icon. The filter will move to the pinned filters list.

    To unpin a filter, hover on the filter, then click the gold pin icon. The filter will be removed from the pinned filters list. Pin or unpin filters.
  4. To adjust the order of your pinned filters, click and drag the left-side handle of each filter. Adjust the order of pinned filters.
  5. Click Apply Filters to save the changes to your pinned filters. Save your pinned filters changes.

Your updated list of pinned filters will now display on the search page.

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