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If you have data in HubSpot that you'd like to make available in Apollo or if you want to keep your data in Apollo synchronized with HubSpot, you need to first integrate your HubSpot instance with Apollo.

Only One CRM at a Time

Please note, you can only connect one CRM to Apollo at a time. If you've already connected Salesforce to Apollo, you must first disable that integration before you can connect HubSpot.

Refer to the following steps to connect Apollo with HubSpot.

You Need Admin Superpowers

Please note, you need to be a super admin user in HubSpot and either have CRM edit permissions or be an admin in Apollo to connect the two platforms. For more information about HubSpot user permissions, hop into the Super Admin article in the HubSpot Knowledge Base. To learn more about user permissions in Apollo, feast your eyes on the Create Permission Profiles article in the Apollo Knowledge Base.

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Connect Apollo to HubSpot

To integrate your HubSpot account with Apollo:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Integrations.
  2. Click Connect in the HubSpot section. Connect
  3. In the "Connect an Account" modal, click Yes, Continue. Yes, Continue
  4. HubSpot redirects you to a page where you can select your Apollo account. Click the radio button next to Apollo and then click Choose Account. Choose Account
  5. Review the permission settings on the HubSpot page and then click Connect app. Connect App
  6. Click the checkbox next to I'm not a robot to confirm authorization. I'm not a robot
  7. Your HubSpot account is now connected to Apollo. Integration Complete

Next Steps

Now that you have connected your HubSpot account with Apollo, it's time to configure the settings to set up your team for success. Here are some useful articles to help get you off on the right foot:

What Are You Waiting For?

Got this far but yet to connect your HubSpot account with Apollo? There's no time like the present to get set up! Hop into Apollo now and connect your account. If you need a helping hand, you can drop us a note via our chatbot or send a message to our technical support team at any time.

Wondering what happens when you integrate your CRM with Apollo? Hop into the How Data Sharing Works with the Apollo Contributor Network article for more information.

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