How Data Sharing Works with the Apollo Data Contributor Network

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Data is the bread and butter of business at Apollo. As a result, Apollo takes data privacy and compliance very seriously and strives to be fully transparent about how it sources, collects, verifies, and maintains the Apollo database.

At Apollo, data isn't single-sourced. The combination of its multiple data sources, proprietary algorithms, and data network of over 2 million contributors allow Apollo to provide the best-in-class data coverage and quality.

Refer to the following FAQs for more information about data sharing when using the Apollo services. Please note that this article primarily covers data sharing with Apollo’s contributor database of business contact information, which is accessible by all Apollo users. For more information about Apollo’s other data collection practices, please refer to Apollo’s terms of service and privacy policy.

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Have additional data questions running through your mind? Hop into the Apollo Data Overview article for FAQs on all things data at Apollo.

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Data Sharing Deep-Dive

What Apollo Does Do
Apollo does leverage its large network of over 2 million contributors to improve the scope and accuracy of its database of business contact information and run verification checks that result in a better user experience for its entire customer base. Most of the data we collect from our Apollo users simply forms part of our verification system to check and confirm existing information in the Apollo database.
Apollo does verify data against multiple data sources before adding new information to its database of business contact information.
Apollo does make the most of its powerful engagement tools to collect and verify valid emails against invalid ones to improve the database of business contact information for all.
Apollo does take user privacy extremely seriously and is constantly working to uphold compliance, protect privacy, and offer advanced security protocols for user accounts.
What Apollo Does Not Do
Apollo does not read the content of email communications or manually collect any data from customer systems.
Apollo does not leverage user data for any purpose other than to provide services to the user and to improve our services (including the contributor database) for the benefit of all customers.
When Apollo adds any new contact data from its database of business contact information, it does not associate the data with any specific customer.

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How Frequently Does Apollo Update Its Terms of Services?

Apollo values its customers and strives to uphold market standards and exceed client expectations as it grows. As a result, Apollo updates its terms of service as necessary with any core releases that impact its product offering, or whenever privacy or other regulations change and necessitate an update.

By doing so, Apollo ensures that it accurately reflects its services as it introduces innovative new products into its prospecting and engagement suite. Apollo encourages you to regularly check its terms of service to stay current on the latest terms that are broadly applicable to all Apollo users.

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What Data Do I Share When I Use Apollo's Services?

There are a few ways in which you share data with Apollo when you use our services, including:

Some of this data sharing is necessary to access the full functionality of Apollo's prospecting and engagement tools. Whereas other aspects are necessary for the broader use of the product by all Apollo users, such as improving the accuracy and scope of Apollo’s database of business contact information. This results in a better user experience and more value for all customers.

Refer to the following tables for more information about each of the main ways in which you share data with Apollo.

CRM and CSV Upload

Key Benefits Data Sharing
Benefits include automatically:
  • Deduping against your existing contacts and leads.
  • Bi-directionally syncing activities between your CRM and Apollo.
  • Enriching any missing or inaccurate data in your CRM or CSV file.
  • Porting over the value of the Apollo database into your own specific CRM instance so that you benefit immediately.
When you opt into Apollo's services, Apollo:
  • Verifies business contact data from your CRM or CSV file that is not matched to data in Apollo's contributor database of business contact information.
  • Adds verified, non-matching business contact data to the Apollo database. No pricing, competitive, or other sensitive information is ever shared with the contributor database.
  • Consistently updates and improves the Apollo database to provide you with the most recent, up-to-date records on the market.
  • Consistently updates and improves your CRM contacts based on ongoing updates and improvements to the Apollo database.

Mailbox (including email and calendar)

Key Benefits Data Sharing
When you connect your mailbox(es) you gain full functionality of Apollo's core engagement tools, including:
  • Automating emails and creating multi-touch sequences.
  • Calling contacts from the Apollo dialer.
  • Coaching your team via Apollo conversations.
  • Analyzing your outreach performance and leveraging actionable data with Apollo analytics.
  • Empowering your prospects to proactively schedule meetings with you.
  • Eliminating friction between third-party platforms and reducing the risk of no-shows with automated meeting reminders.
  • Gaining valuable insights on your meeting guests directly from your calendar.
When you opt into Apollo's services, Apollo:
  • Needs access to your mailbox (including email and calendar) to provide you with the full functionality of the Apollo engagement suite.
  • May use automated algorithms to extract business contact information to improve and grow the Apollo database. This data is most commonly used as part of our verification process to confirm information that already exists in our database.
  • May use automated algorithms to extract aggregate technology information about companies you communicate with. This does not involve the collection or use of any personal information.
  • May use IP addresses or other metadata collected or inferred by us in the course of delivering emails to improve Apollo services.
  • Only adds new business contact information to the Apollo database if it has been verified against multiple data sources to identify the best source of truth.
  • Never ties business contact data that's added to its database to a specific customer, given that Apollo verifies data across multiple sources.

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Can I opt out of data sharing at Apollo?

Unless otherwise agreed with Apollo, the Apollo services contain the data sharing elements described in this article. Please reach out to the Apollo Sales team if you want to discuss whether a custom plan that excludes these data sharing elements could be a good fit for your company.

If you connect your mailbox, calendar, or CRM with Apollo or upload a CSV of contacts, it is because you use Apollo for data enrichment, prospecting, engagement, or sales intelligence. When you opt into these services, you agree to Apollo's terms of service and become part of its network of over 2 million data contributors. As a result, you can take key go-to-market actions like automating emails, creating templates, viewing open rates, attributing success to your booked meetings, viewing job changes, setting up the bi-directional sync of data between your CRM and the data in Apollo, and much more.

If you choose not to use these features, you can still leverage Apollo for more limited use cases. However, you won't have access to the full functionality and numerous benefits of Apollo's entire product offering. As a result, you would miss out on a lot of the value gained from Apollo’s enrichment and engagement functionality.

Privacy and Welfare Always Come First

It's important to note that when you opt into Apollo's contributor network, Apollo takes your privacy and welfare extremely seriously.

For more information on all things privacy, trust, and security, please refer to the Apollo Privacy Center and Trust Center.

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