Use Apollo with LinkedIn to Send Personalized Messages

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LinkedIn is a valuable tool to gain individualized information that helps you connect with your ideal customers. Leverage LinkedIn to access key information about your target Contacts, such as:

  • Work history and experience
  • Current employer
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Current colleagues

Apollo allows you to leverage LinkedIn in your Sequences to store a contact's personalized information and set reminders for yourself.

Sequences in Apollo allow you to refine your messaging. You can use Sequences to A/B test messages and ensure that you successfully engage with your customers. You can then hyper-focus your messaging and personalize your approach with information from LinkedIn.

This use case explores the steps you can take to leverage LinkedIn with Sequences.

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Sample Workflow

Find the Right Contacts

The first thing you need to do before you can launch an effective campaign is to find the right contacts that match your vision. Randomly contacting people is inefficient and won't yield positive results. You need to find a targeted audience.

  • Prospect with LinkedIn
    • It's easy to leverage data from LinkedIn to prospect with the tools Apollo provides. The first thing you should do is search for and request details about prospects from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn, or directly from the Apollo database. Read the "Prospect in LinkedIn" article for in-depth instructions. Prospect
  • Use the Apollo Chrome Extension
    • The Apollo Chrome Extension works in conjunction with LinkedIn to help you get the data you need to reach your goals. You can prospect contact and account data directly from LinkedIn and complete many tasks through Apollo directly from LinkedIn, such as: request an email address, make a call, and add a saved contact to a list or Sequence. Read the "Apollo Chrome Extension Overview" for more information.
  • Create Personas
    • Personas are sets of titles, seniorities, and departments that define different groups of people that you can target within key accounts. This allows you to find contacts faster with Apollo's search tool, receive better recommendations, and improve analytics. You can use Personas to narrow your LinkedIn searches. For more on Personas, read the "Create a Persona" article. Persona

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Plan Your Strategy

Now that you have a solid list of prospects, you can start to plan your strategy. Apollo offers automation tools like Sequences and templates to help you organize and standardize your messaging.

    • Create a Sequence
      • You can leverage the LinkedIn steps capability in the Apollo Sequences feature to organize your messaging and categorize your contacts. For each contact in your Sequence, you can add steps to track interacting in LinkedIn from initial contact to sending a direct message. Apollo reminds you when you should complete different steps in the Sequence to keep you on task. For more information, read the "Complete a LinkedIn Task in a Sequence" article. Sequence
Oh, The Things You Can Do!

You can use Apollo Sequences for much more than tracking LinkedIn tasks. Check out the "Sequences Overview" and "Create a Sequence" articles for more information on how sequences are used in Apollo.

  • Draft LinkedIn Messaging
    • You can draft personalized messages through Apollo. Some general best practices for LinkedIn messaging are:
      • Personalize your messages
      • Be direct and keep it short
      • Clearly communicate your goal
      • Suggest ways to meet or speak further
      • Have a clear and concise signature
      • Time your messages during normal business hours
    • You should use the dynamic variables and snippets features in the message template to personalize your messaging at scale. For more information on how snippets work, read the "Create and Edit Snippets" article. For more information about dynamic variables, hop into the "Use Basic Dynamic Variables" article. Template

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Execute Your Strategy

Now that you found your ideal prospects and planned your messaging strategy, it's time to put your plan into motion. Part of executing your strategy is finding the perfect way to communicate your message and sometimes that requires trial and error to hone your skills. Here are some steps you can take to execute and perfect your strategy.

  • Add Contacts to Your Sequence
    • Now that you created your LinkedIn Sequence, you need to add contacts to it. When you add contacts to the LinkedIn Sequence, Apollo will track each contact through the steps you added to the Sequence. For more on how to add contacts to a Sequence, read the "Add Contacts to a Sequence" article. Contacts
  • Implement Your Sequence
    • You already created your tasks and now you can begin tracking your correspondence with your contacts. Apollo shows you which step a contact is in while they are in a Sequence when you visit their contact card. In this manner, you can track where exactly a contact is in the LinkedIn Sequence. Contact Card
  • Refine Your Message
    • While you can't A/B test with LinkedIn messaging, you can refine your message to optimize your results. You should always be on the lookout for clearer wording and more personalized messaging to help grab the attention of your potential contacts. Over time, you should develop a comfort level with LinkedIn messaging and your results should improve.
No Overnight Successes

Please note, developing the right messaging strategy takes time and effort. Be patient, be dedicated, and be persistent.

You have now completed a LinkedIn Sequence workflow.

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