Coach and Join Team Calls

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Dustin Nathaniel Keys


The dialer allows you to make and receive calls to prospects without leaving Apollo.

You can join your team's live calls as a participant, as a listener, or as a coach. Use the dialer to host team calls and power hours, or coach your teams towards success.

Check out the following sections to join team phone calls.

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View Live Calls

Permission Restrictions

To join live calls, you need permission to view and filter for active calls. Check out Create and Assign Permission Profiles to learn more about permissions.

To view active calls:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Calls.
  2. Click Active Calls to see calls occurring in real-time across your teams.

Show Active Calls

  1. Click Filters to locate specific active calls that you want to join. You can filter by contact, user, purpose, direction, date, duration, or contact list.

Call Filters

When you find an active call, you can join the call.

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Join an Active Call

To join an active call:

  1. Launch Apollo and click Calls > Active Calls.
  2. Click Join Call beside a call, then select Listen-only, Coach, or Participate.

Join Call Drop-Down

  • Listen-only: Choose listen-only if you want to listen to everyone but stay muted. This option is ideal for monitoring calls as you can evaluate progress and then refer back to the call in your next coaching session without interrupting the flow of the call.
  • Coach: Choose coach if you want to listen to everyone but only speak to your team. This option is ideal for managers and trainers, as you can listen, support, and guide your team in real-time as they speak to prospects and clients.
  • Participate: Choose participate if you want to listen and engage with everyone on the call. This option is ideal for collaboration, joint and team calls, and power hours, as you can interact with all participants and lead by example.

Listen, participate, or coach on the active call. When you disconnect, you won't affect the host or contact's connection to the call.

Let's Talk Turkey

Up to 250 people can join each call in Apollo. That's a lot of conversation!

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