Join Your Team in Active Calls With the Apollo Dialer

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Sarah Malone


Many sales teams leverage calls to engage with prospects at different stages within the buyer's journey. If your team uses the Apollo in-app dialer to communicate with your ideal prospects, you can also take advantage of the active call feature to coach in real-time and improve call performance.

Professional and Custom Plans Only

Please note, this feature is only available for customers on Professional and Custom plans. If you have questions or if you'd like to upgrade your plan, please reach out to the Apollo Technical Support team.

Refer to the sections below for the steps to take to configure the permission settings and then view, monitor, coach, and participate in active calls.

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Configure Call Permissions

Permission Restrictions

Please note, only users with access to managing permission profiles can configure the call permission settings. If you do not have access to permission profiles and you want to view, join, listen, or participate in your colleagues' active calls, please contact an admin user to enable the permissions for your account.

Launch Apollo, click Settings, and then click Permission Profiles.

Settings-Permission Profiles

Click the team for which you want to configure permissions.

Select Team

Then, click the Can view and filter for Active calls checkbox.

Can View and Filter Checkbox

Click the Join call mode drop-down to further specify permission levels. You can choose whether the users of this team can listen, coach, or participate fully in active calls.

Call Settings

You have now configured the call permissions for a team. Repeat this process for any other teams that want to join active calls.

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View and Filter Active Calls

Now that you have configured the call permissions, the selected users can view and filter active calls.

Launch Apollo, click Engage, and then click Calls.


Click the Active Calls tab and scroll through the calls taking place in real-time.

Show Active Calls

Compatible By Nature!

Apollo detects all active calls taking place in real-time through the Apollo dialer, no matter which platform the user is calling out of.

Click the Filters icon and use the filters on the left to easily locate a specific call that you want to join. You can filter by contact, user, purpose, direction, date, duration, or contact lists.

Call Filters

Refer to the sections below for further information about how to join an active call.

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Join Active Calls

Once you have found an active call that you would like to join, click the Join Call drop-down. You have 3 options available: Listen-only, Coach, and Participate.

Join Call Drop-Down

You Call the Shots

Please note, you can only join active calls if you have already set up the dialer. If you have not done so, Apollo prompts you to configure the dialer first.

Click Set Up Dialer. Then, follow the instructions in the "Configure the Dialer" article.

Show Active Calls


Choose this option if you want to listen to everyone and stay muted. Ideal for monitoring—you can evaluate progress and then refer back to the call in your next coaching session without interrupting the flow of the call as it takes place.

To join an active call in Listen-only mode, click the Join Call drop-down on the right-hand side of the call you want to enter.

Join Call

Then, click Listen-only.


Hang tight while Apollo connects you. You have now joined the call in listen-only mode.

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Choose this option if you want to listen to everyone but only speak to your team. Ideal for training—you can listen, support, and guide your team in real-time as they speak to prospects and customers.

Click the Join Call drop-down on the right-hand side of the call in which you want to coach.

Join Call

Then, click Coach.


Hang tight while Apollo connects you. You have now joined the call in Coach mode.

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Choose this option if you want to listen and engage with everyone on the call. Ideal for collaboration—you can support your team members, interact with all participants, and lead by example.

Click the Join Call drop-down on the right-hand side of the call in which you want to participate.

Join Call

Then, click Participate.


Hang tight while Apollo connects you. You have now joined the call in Participate mode.

Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth!

Please note, up to 250 users can join each call that you make with the Apollo dialer. Please keep this in mind before you decide which calls to join.

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Call Settings

When you join an active call, Apollo displays the dialer at the bottom of your screen.

Listen-Only Mode

To view who else is present, click the People icon.


A Quick Heads Up Never Hurts

Remember that the sales rep hosting the call can also see if you join them, so use your superpower wisely and respectfully!

Click Show Caller Details to find out more about the caller.

Caller Info

If you join in Coach or Participant mode, you can mute yourself at any time. To do so, click the Microphone icon.

Mute Icon

To leave the call, click Hang Up.

Hang Up Button

Is This Really Goodbye?

If you're worried that hanging up early will end the call for all participants, fear not. Only the call host has that power. Other users can hang up when they please, but the show must go on!

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