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Apollo displays standard default contact and account fields you can map to Salesforce contact, lead, or account fields. You can also manually enable the "autofill" or "auto overwrite" setting for each field.

Refer to the steps below to manually map default Apollo fields to Salesforce and enable the appropriate setting.

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Map Default Apollo Fields to Salesforce, Enable the Autofill or Auto Overwrite Settings

To map Apollo's default fields to Salesforce:

  1. Launch Apollo and click SettingsIntegrations.
  2. Click View beside the Salesforce integration. View Salesforce Integration
  3. Scroll to Stage and Field Mappings and click View. View Stage and Field Mappings
  4. Click either the Contacts, Leads, Accounts, or Deals tab depending on the record type you want to map. The process to map Apollo default fields to Salesforce fields is the same for all record types, so repeat these steps to map additional fields to Salesforce. Contacts, Leads, and Accounts Tabs
  5. In the Default Field Mappings section, click View. Default Field Mappings Button
  6. For each Apollo field in the Name column, select a Salesforce field from the corresponding drop-down to map. Unmapped fields do not sync. Map fields.
  7. Click the Autofill checkbox if you want Apollo to automatically use the information within the Apollo database to fill in the field from Salesforce. Apollo only autofills a default field if the Salesforce field is empty and Apollo has relevant information available.

    Click the Auto Overwrite checkbox if you want Apollo to automatically overwrite the existing information in the field from Salesforce with the information within Apollo. Apollo only overwrites a default field if it has relevant information available for the field that differs from the data in Salesforce. Auto Overwrite and Autofill
    Manual Has the Last Word

    Manual actions always take precedence. If you manually enrich a field from the CRM enrichment page, Apollo pushes the update even if you have disabled the autofill or auto overwrite setting for that field.

  8. Click Save.

You have now manually mapped Apollo's default fields to Salesforce. If you make future changes in your Salesforce environment after mapping, make sure those changes reflect in Apollo.

All Good Things in Moderation

When you enable autofill or auto overwrite, the feature only runs when Apollo pulls information from Salesforce.

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Keep Apollo Updated with Salesforce Changes

If you change or add a stage in Salesforce after you've mapped it to Apollo, make sure those changes match your stage mapping in Apollo.

If you delete a stage in Salesforce, remember to move the lead/contact/account/deal information into an active stage that is in use. For more information about mapping best practices, refer to Automatically Create and Map Stages Between Salesforce and Apollo.

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Learn More About the Salesforce Integration

If you have additional questions related to the Apollo-Salesforce integration, visit the Salesforce section of the Apollo knowledge base.

For a general overview of how contact and account stages work in Apollo, check out Contact and Account Stages Overview.

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