Send Follow Up Messages in Gmail with the Apollo Chrome Extension

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The Apollo Chrome extension enables you to automate your follow-up process within Gmail so that you can keep on top of your pipeline, reduce manual tasks from your workflow, and focus your time on the interactions that matter.

When you send an email in Gmail, you can schedule a follow-up sequence for multiple recipients within the same email thread.

Refer to the section below for more information about the steps to take to enroll your email recipients in a follow-up sequence within Gmail.

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Add Contacts to A Follow-Up Sequence Within an Email Thread

Launch Gmail and open the email to which you want to schedule a follow-up cadence. Then, click Add to follow-up sequence.

Add to follow-up sequence button in Gmail

Click the Select a follow-up sequence drop-down to choose the appropriate sequence, and then click Continue.

Follow-up sequence drop-down and continue button in modal

A Handy Tip or Two!

Please note, Apollo recommends that you tailor your follow-up messages to the specific needs and pain points of the email recipients. For example, if you have just had a demo with a team and are following up to try and close the deal, your messaging should differ greatly from if a contact has been ghosting you for the past 2 weeks. For the steps to create new sequences, refer to the Create a Sequence article. If you're looking for some helpful tips to create powerful messaging for your sequences, hop into the Craft Killer Sales Email Messaging article.

To view a brief outline of the steps in the selected sequence, click See steps.

See steps button

Click View sequence in Apollo if you want to take a closer look at the sequence or make any edits before enrolling the contacts from your email.

View sequence in Apollo

Apollo populates your default mailbox in the Send emails from: drop-down. To make changes, click the drop-down and select an alternative mailbox.

Send emails from drop-down

In the Mood for More Mailboxes?

Wondering how to connect additional mailboxes? Jump on into the Link Your Mailbox to Apollo article for more details. However, please note that you can only connect more than 1 mailbox per user if you are on a Professional or Custom Apollo plan.

If you have multiple recipients in the email, you can choose who you make the Primary contact.

Hold the Phone—What Does That Mean?

When you add multiple recipients to a follow-up sequence, only the primary contact appears in the "contact" and "email" tabs within the sequence in Apollo. Email tab on sequence page But don't panic—the other recipients are still within sight! Apollo displays the email in the activity feed on a contact's profile page. Activities card on profile page Apollo also uses the primary contact at the sequence ruleset level. For example, if you set the sequence to finish when a contact responds, Apollo only stops the sequence if the primary contact responds. For more information about how sequence rulesets work, please refer to the Create a Sequence Ruleset article.

To change the primary contact, hover your mouse over the contact name. Then, click Set primary.

Set primary button

One at a Time, Folks!

Please note, you cannot set the same primary contact in more than one email thread per sequence. You also cannot add the same email thread to more than one follow-up sequence at a time.

If you want to remove any recipients from the follow-up sequence, click the checkbox to the left of a contact's name. You cannot uncheck the primary contact.

Checkboxes next to recipient names

Click Set follow-up to enroll the contacts in the follow-up sequence immediately.

Set Follow-Up Button

Alternatively, click Schedule follow-up if you want to schedule the sequence for later.

Schedule follow-up button

Then, click the radio button next to your preferred scheduled time or manually select a custom date and time for the follow-up sequence to begin.

Schedule add to sequence modal

Click Schedule.

Schedule button

You have now added the recipients from your email into a follow-up sequence.

Success Modal

If the first step in your follow-up sequence is an automatic email, Apollo sends the message within the same email thread in Gmail.

Follow-up messages in thread Modal

Watch Your Step!

Please note, if the first step in your follow-up sequence is any other task, such as a manual email, LinkedIn task, or call, Apollo displays the next steps in your Apollo tasks. Please check the Tasks tab in the Apollo app to continue with the next steps in the follow-up sequence. Tasks tab in Apollo

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